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Welcome to our website, dedicated to the Pixel LED

We specialize in creating Pixel LED Effects & Animations for LED programs. We have high-quality video effects specially created for Pixel LED Software. Here you can find Pixel LED's new effects for programs.

WS2811 LED Pixel

WS2811 LED Pixel Light Module IP68 Waterproof - BUY NOW
  • $15.99 – ₹360

WS2811 12mm Diffused Digital RGB LED Pixel Light Individually Addressable Round LED Pixels Module IP68 Waterproof DC 5V 50pcs/Set.

T1000 LED Controller

T-1000S Pixel LED Controller DC5V 12V-24V
  • $27.98 – ₹950

T1000s LED RGB Full Color Programmable Pixel Controller with SD Card DC5V / DC 7.5 – 24V for WS2811 2801 LPD8806 6803 1903.

T8000 LED Controller

T8000 LED Controller
  • $43.86 – ₹3499

T8000 LED Controller 8 Ports 8,192 Pixels Addressable SD Card Pixel Controller AC110V for WS2811 WS2801 UCS1903 RGB LED.

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ledpixeltm is always looking for questions that interest its followers and we offer answers to them. Here you will find all the questions that interest you

As we are all aware, Windows 10 is one of the most popular operating systems available today. You will encounter problems if you try to install and use LED Edit 2014 or any earlier versions of LED Edit with Windows 10. Windows 10 makes it very difficult to utilize earlier versions of LED Edit. This is a serious problem because the majority of Pixel LED controllers are only compatible with these outdated software versions. After a great deal of research and testing, we found that there is only one simple and effective solution to this issue.

Many people have updated their computers for better performance, Then they have the problem that their LED Edit 2014 isn’t working, and it’s written on the screen that the class is not registered in LED Edit. Why was his data erased? because of the new Adobe Flash Player that was installed in the window.

I'll go through How to Create LED layouts using LED Edit Software using the manual layout designer feature of the LED Edit software. We occasionally have to develop displays with odd forms. I'll go through how to create irregularly shaped layouts with LED Edit's Manual Layout Creator.

We occasionally have to Create LED Text layouts for Pixel LED. I’ll show you how to create text-shaped layouts with LED Edit’s Manual Layout Creator. and is for “LED Edit” versions.

We’ll show you how to use AutoCAD software to Create LED Layout you want outside of the LED Edit program.

We will discuss how to create a custom pixel LED layout only using CorelDraw software. Both layout creation and wiring (connecting) can be done in CorelDRAW.