WiFi Light Bulbs
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Among the countless smart products are smart WiFi light bulbs. One of the most well-known items debuted in 2012 when Philips unveiled “HUE,” which can be operated remotely via a smartphone APP and quickly became one of the most popular technological goods. As technology advances, several established manufacturers have entered the smart lighting sector.

In this post, we will begin with the most well-known WiFi Light bulbs and discuss their operation, product characteristics, and the things that may be accomplished in our daily life.

How do WiFi Light bulbs work?

WiFi light bulbs operate with integrated IoT core technology, a WIFI module incorporated in the LED bulb, an interactive service software mechanism in the house, and cloud service platform support. WiFi Light Bulbs connected to WiFi, the smart Light Bulbs can achieve voice control, smart lighting APP control, group management, timed switch, and scenario mode via the appropriate APP.

WiFi Light Bulbs

Functions of WiFi light bulbs

Even though different manufacturers release their products, the majority of smart WiFi light bulbs on the market have similar capabilities, such as smart light APP control, adjustable brightness/color, voice control, and so on.

Smart Lights APP control

APP control is almost the most fundamental feature of smart products. Smart LED Bulbs that are linked to an app operates via wireless technology. To communicate instructions to the WiFi smart Bulbs chip, use the smart lighting APP. The chip adjusts the condition of the WiFi smart bulbs, such as on/off time, setting the light color in different scenarios, remote control, and so on, according to the information instructions.

With sensors

To suit the various demands of customers, some WiFi smart bulbs include sensors such as photosensitive sensors, infrared sensors, microwave sensors, and so on.

The photosensitive sensor can automatically modify the WiFi smart bulbs according to the weather, time of day, night, and other factors.

Infrared sensors detect their surroundings by producing infrared light; when individuals enter the detecting range, the light bulb turns on and off automatically.

A microwave sensor is a non-contact approach to determine if there are items in the environment to go and to accomplish the lighting demands and start/stop the light based on environmental conditions.

Adjustable brightness/color

The smart light APP allows you to customize the brightness and color of the wireless light bulb. The majority of light bulbs on the market enable 16 million different light colors, which are sufficient for our everyday needs.

Voice control

Most electrical items now have a voice control option. This is also used in wireless light bulbs. This function is primarily intended to make it easier for the user to turn on and off the lights at home. For example, if you are laying in bed in the winter and do not want to get out of bed to turn out the lights, simply say to Alexa or Google Hometurn on the light“, and all of your home’s wireless light bulbs will be switched off.

How to Setup Smart WiFi LED Bulbs?

WiFi Smart Bulbs installation and regular LED bulbs, the old bulb was unscrewed clockwise, and the new one was installed. Please be mindful of the importance of electrical safety.

The WIFI bulb APP is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. After installing the APP, follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the WiFi Smart Bulbs so you may operate them remotely.

How to fix WiFi LED Bulbs?

The smart LED Bulbs do not operate throughout the usage process, and you must troubleshoot each failure condition.

1- Determine whether the smart LED bulbs are in the WIFI range: Place your phone near the smart LED bulbs to see whether you can connect to Wi-Fi.

2- Verify that the phone is linked to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi: The majority of smart goods on the market today use a 2.4GHz signal. You can’t operate the smart LED bulb if you’re using 5GHz.

3- Verify that the APP is linked to the LED bulb: If the wireless Light bulbs are still not operating properly after completing the above instructions, you should reset the factory settings.

4- To reset the factory settings: push the switch three times in a row; after the light flashes for a few seconds, the factory settings have been restored, and the APP may be reconnected.

WIFI light bulbs enable more families to enjoy convenience and enjoyment at the same time, reviving the classic home lighting model. Enjoy the benefits of technology, and WIFI light bulbs that you deserve.

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