5050 LED Strip Lights
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When you were shopping for LED strip lights to buy, you must have come across some with numbers on them and wondered, “What do these numbers mean?” These figures aren’t as strange as they appear. To begin, the initials “SMD” must have appeared before the “5050” number, indicating a Surface Mounted Device.

The numbers after the SMD, such as the SMD 5050 LED Strip Lights, merely relate to the LED chip’s size. SMD 5050 LED strip lights have a width of 5.0mm and a length of 5.0mm. It’s worth noting that the chip size isn’t related to the light’s effectiveness, and it’s not the sole difference between different types of strip lights.

What is a 5050 SMD LED Strip?

The 5050 LED Strip Lights chips measure 5.0mm x 5.0mm and are commonly used for ‘task illumination.’ When we compare LED 3528 vs 5050 chips, we can observe that the 5050 chips are three times brighter than the 3528 LED chips. As a result, they are frequently utilized for illumination beneath kitchen cabinets to assist people to see what they’re working on.

RGB LED strip lights are frequently available in color-changing forms, allowing users to choose any hue and change it with remote control. 

How To Set Up 5050 LED Strip Light?

If you’re wondering how to install 5050 led strip lights, simply follow our 5050 led strip lights installation instructions to get them up and running in no time.

The primary connection of lights must be linked to a 12V power supply for each portion of the place that you are illuminating with custom-led lights. If your LED strip isn’t long enough, use play connectors to connect it. If you want the dimming function to operate, connect a dimmer control between your 12V power source and the LED strip.

You may begin installing the LED strip once it has been trimmed to the desired size. While installing the LED strip, make sure the light switch is turned on.

Now, simply follow the given steps for 5050 led strip lights installation:

  1. Connect the 5050 LED Strip Lights tape to a connector wire and make sure that the red wire matches the ‘+’ sign on the tape and the black one with the ‘-’ sign.
  2. Tightly press on the back of the connector clip and remove a part of the backing strip on the adhesive side.
  3. Firmly press the adhesive side of the tap on the surface that you want to light up.
  4. Connect the rear end of the connector wire to the driver.
  5. Plugin the driver into the power supply and the lights will make your place brighter.

How To Connect 5050 LED Strip Lights?

If you are illuminating a wide area, you will most likely need to cut and connect the 5050 LED strip lights. As a result, LED tape lights are advantageous since they allow you to effortlessly link many strips together in unexpected niches. LED tapes can be connected in two ways:

  1. Clipping: This uses a male clip to connect two LED strips to each other.
  2. Soldering: Simply cut the LED strips as per your requirements and solder the ends of the strips together. If you are wondering how to cut 5050 LED Strip Lights, don’t worry; there are cutting lines on the strip from where you can cut it using scissors.

Factors to Consider Before Buying LED Strip Lights

Lighting has a significant influence on the appearance of any space, which is why it is critical to select the proper lights for a specific mood or vibe. A simple installation of a bright LED strip from a reputable manufacturer may liven up a drab space.

Elstar, a producer of LED strip lights, will undoubtedly assist you in locating the appropriate LED strips for your application. To make an educated selection, read our comprehensive list of things to consider before choosing LED strip lights.

1. The location of the lights

One of the most crucial elements to consider when purchasing LED lights is the position of the lights since this will define the sort of light that you require. If you need some extra illumination to establish the ambiance in your living room, 5050 LED strip lights might be the solution. These little strips may be put around the border of your space to create a colorful atmosphere.

Strip lighting is also great for accenting shelves in cupboards and closets to make the contents more visible. Before you choose a strip light, be sure that it will work well in the location where you intend to install it.

2. Brightness required

Another factor to consider is how bright you want the LED lights to be, as brightness may make or break the appearance of your space. How many watts of 5050 LED Strip Lights you need might be a difficult question to answer since there are numerous aspects to consider, such as color, lumens, and temperature.

Finding the appropriate amount of brightness may need some trial and error on your part, but you may seek expert assistance to obtain the proper shade the first time. Strip LED lights are available in a variety of brightness levels and may also be modified to change the amount of dimness.

3. Process of installation

Before you buy any LED strip, you should have a firm strategy for installing the lights. Even while installing LED strip lights is a simple operation, it can be time-consuming if you need to cover a large area. Strip lights are typically installed by adhering them to the chosen surface with adhesive mounting clips.

Depending on the length of the LED strip used, you may need to attach more than one strip to complete the project. Even though the method is simple, you should consider hiring a professional to install your 5050 LED strip lights.

4. Overall cost

Before making a final selection, the whole cost of acquiring and maintaining the LED lights must be considered. The lights should, of course, be of high quality and have a long service life. Aside from illumination, you must also consider the additional costs of power supply each month. LEDs, fortunately, do not require a lot of electricity to operate, but you may choose an energy-efficient choice.

5. Options for customization

There are various advantages to using strip lighting, but one of the most intriguing is how adaptable these lights are. They enable users to modify the hue and brightness of the light emitted based on their needs. Different strip lights provide different features, so you should check out all of them before deciding which one is best for you.

6. Power Supply

To create light, the LED lights you purchase will, of course, require a power supply. These lights, on the other hand, are distinct in that they do not need to be hardwired into the system and may be used simply by plugging them into a standard outlet. Connecting the LED strips to the power source is simple, but you must pick the placement of the power supply carefully since it will have a significant impact on your purchase.

7. Multiple strips

The fascinating aspect of LED strips is that they may be utilized anyplace and anywhere. They may be used to make distinctive sculptures in your bedroom or to brighten up your workshop. Multiple LED strips may be used to create these one-of-a-kind figures and lighting effects. To provide continuous lighting, each strip is linked to another without a separate power source.

Before you make your final purchase, you should figure out how many LED strips you’ll need to produce the illumination of your desires.


Installing LED strip lights is an excellent method to add ambiance to any space and brighten up any dark nook. The 5050 LED strip lights are highly adjustable and relatively simple to install. You may get high-quality LED strips with a longer service life at reasonable rates from a recognized and trusted LED strip manufacturer.

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