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NLED AllPixMatrix – Video Creation & Mixing, Open source LED sequencing software

What It Does AllPixMatrix Software:

The software uses many media types such as images, animated GIFs, videos(many codecs), Spout/Syphon, external data reception(like Glediator), and software-generated content. It converts or maintains the media to low resolution, which will display well on low resolution LED matrix. Small scale LED matrix requires low-resolution media, as scaling down larger standard-sized media results in poor-looking images once downscaled.

The different types of media content can be mixed together in different ways, and have effects and filters applied to them. The resulting output is transmitted out to a serial port(like an FTDI or USB-enabled microcontroller) which converts it to a pixel chips protocol and sends it to the pixels.

NLED AllPixMatrix - Video Creation & Mixing, Open source LED sequencing software


This program was written for use with my projects and products, but hope it will be useful to others as well. I am frequently asked about how best to create content for low-resolution pixel matrices. There are a few choices out there, but none that are feature rich and open source. This software was kept as simple as possible with the ability to easily modify and add to it. Processing has many inbuilt graphics functions that made it a good choice for this type of software.

This software is released for free for personal and commercial use. Released under the MIT License.

Short Feature List:

  1. Supports LED matrices of all sizes.
  2. Supports many pixel controllers.
  3. Has a Record to File feature, which allows the output to be written to a text file.
  4. Numerous content/media options.
  5. Easy to edit and compile using Processing 3.
  6. Spout/Syphon compatibility, send video from other programs for pixel matrix conversion.
  7. Completely free and open source.

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