How to choose power supply for LED strips?
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What is a LED Light Strip Driver?

LED light bar driver is a transformer. It changes the high voltage AC110V/220V to DC12V/24V. Then the led strip can be used safely.

Do I Need to Drive When Using LED Strips?

When using led strips, generally DC12V and DC24V. So you need to buy Power Supply for LED strips. How does a driver to Power LED strips? Please check the picture on the right.

4 points to consider before buying a led power supply. In this way, you can choose a suitable LED power supply, which will benefit the long life of the LED light bar.


You must know where you are using LED strips. Outdoor or indoor, humid or dry place. If you use it outdoors in damp, or where it might rain, then you need a waterproof power supply. If used indoors, the place should be dry. Just like in ceilings, kitchen cabinets, and TV cabinets, non-waterproof drives are sufficient.

Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips

Can I use any power supply for LED lights?
Power Supply for LED Strips

We can see from the appearance of the power supply. Usually, the housing is made of plastic or aluminum. The shell is sealed like a sealed tin. Usually, it uses silicone sealant to seal electronic components.

Non-Waterproof Power Supply for LED Strips

led power supply calculator
Power Supply for LED Strips

Non-waterproof led drivers are usually as follows. The housing is made of aluminum. And has a heat dissipation function. With the same wattage, non-waterproof drives are cheaper than waterproof drives.

2. DIY users/home users

We use it in DIY. If a few meters of LED light strips are not used in a lot of LED strips, then we don’t need to use a BIG Power Supply, we can choose the following power supply. Wall-mounted power supply and desktop power supply. Wall-mounted power supplies are generally not large in wattage, 1A, 2A, 3A. A desktop power supply is bigger, 4A, 5A, and 6A. So this is convenient for us to make some small DIY lighting.

led strip light wattage per meter
Power Supply for LED Strips

3. For some special requirements, some customers need more functions.

Dimming:  There are 3 kinds of dimmable power supplies with different functionsI have shown you three different dimming methods.

how to connect led strip lights to power supply
0-10V dimmer
12v power supply for led lights
Triac dimmer
how many led strips per power supply
Dali dimmer

4. Use branded led driver

I suggest you buy a branded led power supply. use a lot of power supplies, but more or less there will be problems. use mean well Power Supply for LED Strips. mean well drives good quality. very few quantities have quality problems. However, the mean well does less in dimming power supply, and the delivery time is very long. If you want to know more about dimming power supply, please send us an email.

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