Class not registered in LEDEdit - Final Solution
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Hello all my friends, In this blog, we learn about how to Solution the problem Class not registered in LED Edit.

Many people have updated their computer for better performance, Then they have the problem that their LED Edit 2014 isn't working, and it's written on the screen that the class is not registered in LED Edit. Why was his data erased? because of the new Adobe Flash Player that was installed in the window?

Steps to Solve Class not registered in LED Edit:

Step 1: Open “Control Panel” and click “Uninstall” the old default “adobe flash player” from Windows.

Step 2: Search on ledpixeltm in google. After that go to the software section then click on Repair LED Edit and download it.

LED Edit Class not Registered Error Fix
Led edit Class Not Registered Error

Step 3: If you registered not on our site, then you have to be registered on the site before downloading. So what you have to do is click on register, after that, you have to enter your username and email id then click on register. Login details will be given on your registered email id by which you can log in. You can also change the password according to you. Then go to the software and download it.

LED Edit Class Not Registered Error Fix All Versions 2014-2021

Step 4: After completion of the download you can run the setup, then an icon is created on the download folder. After that right-click on the icon and click on extract here.

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LED Edit 2014/2019 class not registered error fix

Step 5: After extracting two software are created on the screen. First, download the first software. After installing this click on the second software to install. you will have to restart your computer.

Class Not Registered Error in LED Edit 2014 & 2019

Step 6: when you open LED Edit 2014, you can see all LED Edit effects are run properly.

LED Edit class not register problem 2021

NOTE: If there is a problem while downloading, and your computer has Windows Defender or Firewall or any Antivirus then stop it.


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