How to Connect Pixel LED Together
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How to Connect Pixel LED Together? Each Pixel LED string includes a certain number of pixel LEDs. It’s usually restricted to roughly fifty-pixel LEDs. You may, however, join pixel LED strings together to increase the number of pixel LEDs. You can make a pixel LED string with one hundred pixel LEDs by connecting two of them together. The number of Pixel LED Strings that may be joined together is limited solely by the controller’s pixel LED capability. This tutorial will show you how to link several types of pixel LED strings or strips together.

Connecting WS2811 Pixel LED Strings Together

A three-wire pixel LED string with a single data line is the WS2811. The NRZ (Non-Return Zero) communication protocol is used by this pixel LED String. This pixel LED string is housed in a water-resistant enclosure. However, using it outside in inclement weather is not a smart idea. Each stranded WS2811 pixel LED string has fifty pixel LEDs. However, by linking pixel LED strings together, you may boost this amount.

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SM3P Male & Female

The SM3P connections on both ends of the WS2811 pixel LED strings are male and female. The male SM3P connection was attached to the first pixel LED of the pixel LED string, while the female SM3P connector was connected to the string’s last pixel LED.

First & Last Pixel LED

If you look at these Pixel LED strings, you’ll see what I mean. It nearly appears like they are all connected in parallel. However, this is not the case. The power supply cables are the only ones that are linked in parallel. In this situation, the data line was linked in series. The input data wire is connected to the IC’s data in pin, while the output data wire is connected to the IC’s data out pin. The SM3P female connector is linked to the first pixel LED of the string, while the SM3P male connector is attached to the last pixel LED of the string.

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Arrow inside WS2811

However, you must peek inside the ws2811 pixel LED housing of pixel LEDs at the end of the string to be assured. An arrow pointing to the next LED or an SM3P connection may be seen where. If the arrow points to the next LED in the string, it is the string’s first pixel LED. If the arrow is pointing towards the SM3P connection, then it is the String’s final pixel LED.

Connect Pixel LED Strings

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Connecting pixel LED Strings

The final pixel LED of the previous pixel LED string should be linked to the first pixel LED of the following pixel LED string when linking pixel LED strings together. Connect the previous pixel LED string’s Male SM3P connection to the next pixel LED string’s Female SM3P connector. That’s all there is to it. That’s all there is to it. But there’s one more thing to do.

Supplying The Power

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WS2811 Power Input Wires

Although the pixel LED strings are powered through an SM3P connection, the amount of current they can transport is restricted due to the wire’s tiny gauge. As more and more pixel LED strings are linked in the pattern, the voltage will decline. That is why each pixel LED string has a power input cable. You may connect these power input wires to the power supply in parallel for each pixel LED string to receive power. You must, however, utilize cables capable of carrying enough current to power all of the pixel LEDs in the pixel LED configuration.

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