10 Steps To Control Light System Using Your Smart Phone
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 You may now use your smartphone to manage your home’s light system by writing a character to switch on or off the LEDs.

The goal of the project is to prove that you can manage the light system in your home using only your smartphone, so the LEDs in the project are meant to encode the different systems in our house.

All you need for Light System:

then connect the circuit as shown below:

control lights with phone app
Light System

First, let’s know more about 1sheeld:

1Sheeld turns your smartphone into 40 different Arduino shields. So we don’t have to buy shields for Arduino as we have them in our smartphones.

How to use 1sheeld?

Stack 1Sheeld on top of your Arduino board, and write the code using the 1Sheeld library. Pair 1Sheeld board with 1Sheeld app over Bluetooth. Select the shields from a list of over 40 shields.

for more information about 1sheeld and how to use shields follow this link


Let’s back to our project

Open 1sheeld app and connect the app with your 1sheeld then open “keyboard” shield.

control lights with android phone project - 1sheeld app

Press ‘R‘ Red LED will turn on :

light control system using arduino with mobile support

Press ‘Y‘ Yellow LED will turn on:

how to control your home lights with your phone

Press ‘G‘ Green LED will turn on:

bluetooth control light arduino

and finally to turn off all press ‘C’

Code Control Light System Arduino :


/* Include 1Sheeld library. */
#include <OneSheeld.h>

/* LEDs on pin 11,12,13 */
int ledRed    = 13;    //for Red LED
int ledYellow = 12;   //for yellow LED
int ledGreen  = 11;   //for green LED

void setup() 
  /* Start communication. */
  /* Set the LED as output. */
  pinMode(ledYellow, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ledGreen, OUTPUT);
  /* Keyboard callBack function. */
}//end of void setup

void loop()

/* Function to be invoked once a new character is pressed. */
void  keyboardFunction(char data)
  /* Check on the incoming character. */
  if(data == 'R')
    /* Turn on the LED. */
  }//end of if
  else if(data=='Y')
    /* Turn off the LED.*/
  }//end of else if
  else if(data == 'G')
  }//end of else if
  else if(data == 'c')
    digitalWrite(ledRed, LOW);
    digitalWrite(ledYellow, LOW);
    digitalWrite(ledGreen, LOW);
  } //end of els if 
    digitalWrite(ledRed, LOW);
    digitalWrite(ledYellow, LOW);
    digitalWrite(ledGreen, LOW);
  }//end of else
}//end of keyboard function

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