Design LEDEdit Layout Circle By CorelDRAW
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In earlier lessons, we discussed how to use auto-layout creator to generate panel-like layouts and how to use manual layout creator to build non-regular layouts in both LED Edit and LEDEdit-K versions.

In this article, we’ll show you how to utilize CorelDraw and Autocad software to create whatever type of LED Edit Layout you want, as well as how to wire them together outside of the LED Edit program.

Before continuing, please download and install CorelDraw X5 or higher version and Auto Cad 2007 or higher version. I’ll show you how to accomplish it with both LED Edit and LEDEdit-K. I’m going to create the layout in CorelDraw and wire it up in AutoCAD To finally use it on LED Edit Layout.

CorelDRAW – Designing LED Edit Layout Circle

First and foremost, you’ll want a layout plan. Here’s my plan: I’ll make a circle-shaped led arrangement, but you may make any form you like. The rationale for utilizing CorelDraw is that it’s quite simple to design various forms using it, and it has a lot of features that make it simple and quick to do so. My strategy is as follows: (created using paint).

There are 9 LED lines plus a central LED that are evenly spaced. The measurements aren’t relevant because they don’t represent the panel’s true dimensions. Make a set of measurements that aren’t too tiny or too big for you. Let’s get started with the layout.

LEDEdit Tutorial Creating LED layout with CorelDraw
CorelDraw Create a new document window

Open the CorelDraw program. To start a new project, go to “File” and pick “New“. Make sure the inches are selected as the units and “Width = 8.0 and Height = 10.0” and leave the other options alone when you see the “Create a new document window” (default settings). “OK” should be selected.

How to Create Custom Pixel LED Layouts with CorelDRAW
check snaps – CorelDraw

Let’s make some criteria for our center point. If “Rulers“, “Snap to Grid“, and “Snap to Guidelines” are not selected, click “View” and check them.

Two rulers may be found on your worksheet, one on top and one on the left. Drag your cursor to the middle of the worksheet by clicking and holding the left ruler, then releasing the mouse button until it reaches the top ruler’s “4” mark. Drag your cursor to the middle of the worksheet by clicking and holding the top ruler, then releasing the mouse button until it reaches the “5” mark on the left side ruler.

Pixel LED layout using AutoCAD
Creating center point Guideline – CorelDraw

Select the Ellipse tool from the toolbar and hold “Shift+ Ctrl” on your keyboard while clicking and holding on the junction of the guideline (Center Point) and dragging it out from the center while keeping an eye on the circle’s height and breadth in the upper left corner. When the height and width of “1” have been reached, release the mouse button.

LEDEdit Tutorial Creating LED layout with CorelDraw
Creating the First LED reference

It’s time to replicate our first lead reference now that we’ve produced it. Select “Windows“, then “Dockers“, then “Transformations“, then “Position” (a transformation sidebar will emerge on the right side of the window). Change your location settings in the below image and click “Apply” after selecting the Circle or LED reference that we established.

lededit-k download
Transformation Settings – coreldraw
led edit software free download for pc
Result position duplicate

Except for the LED in the middle, I’m going to replicate each of these LED references around the center of the spreadsheet. Select “Windows“, “Dockers“, “Transformations“, and “Rotate” from the drop-down menu (the transformation sidebar will appear on the right side of the window). Select the second LED reference and rotate the settings as shown in the figure below, then click “Apply” button.

corel draw led
CorelDraw Rotate transformation settings

Result of that rotation :

lededit 2014 v2 4 free download
Result of the rotation

For the 3rd LED reference: Select the third LED reference and change the Transformation – rotate settings as below and click on “Apply“.

led pixel software
3rd LED reference settings

For the 4th LED reference: Select the third LED reference and change the Transformation – rotate settings as below and click on “Apply“.

k 8000ck software
4th LED reference settings

For the 5th LED reference: Select the third LED reference and change the Transformation – rotate settings as below and click on “Apply“.

programming pixel led
5th LED reference settings

Follow the same procedure on 6th,7th,8th,9th,10th, and 11th LED references. Below are the settings respectively.

pixel led edit 2020 software free download
pixel led software 2020
Final result – The layout
pixel led software
Corel Draw Save As window

It’s now time to save it. Choose “Save As” from the “File” menu. Browse and pick a directory in the “Save As” window, enter a file name in the “File name” field, select “DXF – Autocad (*.dxf)” as the Save as file type, and click “Save“.

Click “OK” after leaving the DXF file settings as shown below.

Close Corel Draw if it’s open.

rgb pixel led design software ws2812 download
DXF file settings 

Run the AutoCAD software (My version is 2007 ) you can use a later version.

pixel led controller
AutoCAD workspace mode selection menu

Click “OK” after selecting AutoCAD classic from the workspace option (the phrase “AutoCAD classic” may change in future versions). Click “File” and then “Open” in the newly opened window. Click the Open button after searching for and selecting the file we created in CorelDraw.

Wiring the LEDs

Now we are done creating our LED layout design. Now it’s time to wire them together in series.

led edit 2014

We need to tweak the snap settings to make connecting easier. Select the line tool from the toolbar; various buttons will appear at the bottom; click on these buttons to enable or disable the functionality, as shown in the figure below.

lededit 2021
Line tool features 
led edit 2014 64 bit

Right-click on “OSNAP” button and select “Settings”, change the settings as below image, and click “OK“.

led edit 2014 windows 10
OSNAP Settings window

From the toolbar, select “Line” Tool and click on the center of the first LED to be linked (in my example, the far left LED reference), then the center of the second LED, the third, the fourth, and so on (one by one). Please see the illustration below. Until the last LED, that is. It’s worth noting that the LEDs are linked in series. Ensure that the line is snapped to the middle. To quit the tool after completing the last connection, use the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

led edit 2014 effects free download
led edit software free download for pc
Misplaced point recover

If you accidentally click anywhere other than the circle’s center. Don’t panic, simply right-click and select “Undo” from the drop-down menu to reconnect.

Discontinuing the line – If you are weary, hit “Enter” on your keyboard to terminate the line at any point, then pick the line tool and make sure that you continue from the last place you ended the line by clicking the center of the last circle that you wired the following time.

led edit 2014 v2 4 rar
Discontinuing the connection

It’s now time to link it to a port label. Because the number of LED references in this example is less than the maximum number of LEDs that may be linked to a port on my controller (my controller can have 2048 LEDs per port), I can attach this led pattern to a single port without trouble. However, if the number of LEDs linked to your controller exceeds the maximum, you must connect the additional LEDs to another port label, taking into account the number of ports available on your controller. For further information, consult the user manual for your controller.

led edit 2014
Text tool

Select the “Multi line Text Tool” from the toolbar and click on the black space next to the first LED reference and press “0” on your keyboard and press “,” then press “0” again finally press “Enter“.Change the size of the font to 1 inch by typing “1” in the text size field. Now type “p1” as the text (which means port 1) and click on “OK“.

how to use led edit 2014 software
Port 1 label 

Now we have to connect the port label to the LED layout. Click on the “Line Tool” in the Toolbar and click on the First LED reference center and then click on the text labels connecting points and press “Enter “.

lededit 2014 v2.4 free download
Connecting the port to the LED layout
how to use led edit 2014 software
Result of the connection
led edit 2014 effects free download
LED layout after connecting to the port

We’ve now completed our layout and connected it to the port label. Go to “File” and select “Save As” from the drop-down list. In the “Save As” window select the path that you want to save the file and give it a name by typing in the “File Name” text field and choose and select “AutoCAD 2007 DXF (*.dxf)” from the “files of type” drop-down list and click on “Save“.

led edit software free download for pc
AutoCAD save as window

Close the AutoCAD software and run the LED Edit or LEDEdit -K software.

From this point, my previous article follows the same steps so please click the link below and continue from the subsection “Importing to LED Edit software” to import the layout to LED Edit software and program the led layout.

[Click Here to continue the lesson]

Here is How it looks like After programming.

led edit 2021 software free download
After Programing the layout

Do not forget to register on our ledpixeltm website to receive all new programs and effects, and we will soon add new effects. If you have a specific size, leave us a comment and we will provide it.

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