led wall washer and led linear light
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In our life, many people ask what is the difference between an LED wall washer and LED linear light. In fact, LED wall washers and LED linear lights have many similarities in appearance, and their shapes are long strips. The difference between the two is whether they have support or not. The other is some subtle differences, the type of chip used.

LED Linear Light means that the light source is arranged in a linear shape. The linear light series is actually a relatively high-end flexible decorative light, which is characterized by low power consumption, long life, high brightness, easy bending, and maintenance-free. Especially suitable for outdoor landscape lighting, lighting engineering, municipal engineering, indoor stage lighting, building outline drawing and billboard production, and other fields.

According to different needs, the product has 12V, 24V, etc., and the length is 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, and 120CM. At the same time, we can also customize the line lights to different specifications according to the needs of customers.

LED linear light

The LED wall washer is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting. It can also be used to outline the installation of large-scale buildings. When installing, it depends on the height of the Only a high-power wall washer can do it. The LED linear lamp is low-power, which is difficult to achieve.

LED Wall Washer Vs LED Linear Light

The LED wall washer puts the light on the wall, which is similar to the application method of the floodlight, but the effect is softer. LED linear lights are mostly used for building outlines or digital screen effects. Of course, they may also be installed in the corners to let the light shine on the wall, but LED wall washers are more flexible.

LED wall washers are mostly high-power products, while LED linear lights are mostly low-power. Because the LED wall washer depends on the illumination height, there is usually a certain distance from the wall, and the high-power LED wall washer is more competent. The LED linear light is used for contouring, and low power is enough.

LED wall washer is more difficult to dissipate and waterproof. It needs drainage and convection design. In the production process of the LED wall washer, firstly use the wall washer glue machine for glue filling, and then put glass glue on the glass cover. Glue to achieve structural waterproofing.

LED wall washer

Many LED wall washers have lenses, and it is obvious that the LED wall washer has a bracket, which can be flexibly adjusted according to requirements, and has a large scale, while the LED linear lamp is extremely It is rare to have such a large scale. In addition, the LED linear lights are mostly square, and the LED wall washer has a bracket, so the appearance design is not fixed.

The existing LED linear light is not easy to install due to the complicated design of the device itself, which makes the installation efficiency of the LED linear light device in some large-scale event places low. At the same time, the design of the device itself is not strict enough. When the lighting of the device reaches a certain length of time The internal high temperature will easily cause the LED linear lamp device itself to be damaged by the high temperature without the heat dissipation structure, which will shorten the service life of the device itself and the lighting brightness is not ideal.

The above is the Difference Between LED Wall Washer and LED Linear Light.

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