DMX512 Decoder 4 Channel
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DMX512 Decoder 4CH Channel 16A RGBW Controller LED stage lighting CMOS Output.

About DMX512 Decoder:

  • Automatically adapt to DC5V-24V
  • Standard DMX512 Signal
  • 4A each channel max 16A
  • RGBW 4 Channel

DMX512 Decoder Description:


  1. Supply input: DC 5-24V
  2. Max output current: 4A each channel
  3. Channel: 4 Channel RGBW
  4. Output: CMOS drain-open output
  5. Connection Mode: Common Anode
  6. Working temperature: -20-60¡æ
  7. Product size: L68*W55*h15mm

This decoder has been solid. We are using 4 of them right now and each one is running a couple of strips of LED strip lighting. We are sending a DMX signal from our lighting console and it has worked flawlessly. They are easy to program via the dipswitches and they have been going strong for a couple of months now. I don't think you could beat this for the quality and price point.


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