DMX 512 LED Decoder Controller
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DMX512 Decoder Controller for RGB Tape Strip Light Dimmer Driver (4 Channel with Display)

About DMX512 LED Decoder:

  • Output current: ≤4A/CH (Note: total current over 20A will reduce the lifetime of the product.)
  • Input voltage:DC12V~24V(12V:<192W, 24V:<384W)
  • Working temperature:-20-60℃
  • DMX512 standard: DMX512/1990
  • Accessories: DMX signal plugs 1 pair
DMX512 Decoder

DMX512 Decoder Description:

Product Description:

Size: L166xW65×H40mm

This DMX decoder adopts an advanced computer control chip, it can receive the international DMX – 512 standard digital control signals and convert them into PWM control signals to drive the LED. It can be controlled by the DMX Console and can be connected with numbers of DMX Decoder to increase the output power to realize all kinds of changing modes. Besides, this DMX decoder can be used as the synchronous controller to control the LED alone, it can realize the synchronous effects. This decoder adopts the digital tube to show the address code, and with 3 buttons to set, make it easier to use.


  1. This product is only used on supply voltage DC12-24V, do not input on other voltage.
  2. The lead wire shall be according to the wiring diagram of the color and label, and connect correctly.
  3. This product cannot be overloaded.

DMX 512 Decoder Information:

Size: 4 Channel with display

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