LED Edit 2019 Software Download
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LED Edit software is one of the most popular software used when it comes to programming Pixel LED Displays due to its ease of use and availability of functions. LEDEdit 2019 Software Download.

This software first came to the public in 2012 with the first commercial Pixel LED controller. There are a few different versions available LED Edit, LEDEdit-K, and LED Player. LED Edit 2019 is solely designed to use with offline controllers such as T-1000S, T-1000AC, T-4000, etc. LEDEdit-K and led player are designed for online controllers such as T-200K, T-300K, T-400K, etc. Generally, they have the same features except for a few differences. Each software version supports a different set of controllers. Here is LED Edit 2019 the best and last version of the software.

Download LED Edit 2019 Versions
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LEDEdit 2019 Supports:

K-1000, K-1000-RGB, K-1000-RGBW, K-1000W, K-8000, T1000A, T-1000B, T1000S, T-2000, T-4000, T-8000, T-100K-B, T200K-B, T-300K, T-400K, T-600K-D, T-500K, T-700KT-800KSeries controllers, etc.

LED Edit 2019 Advantages:

  1. Gamma and Brightness correction ability. Screen capture capability
  2. Allows custom led layout designs (.cxb ,Autocad .dxf ,CorelDraw .dxf)
  3. Auto layout design feature.
  4. Supported video formats -.swf ,.avi , .wmv ,.mpeg ,.mpg
  5. Supported animation formats – .swf , .tol
  6. A large amount of video import formats.

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