LED Edit 2021 Software Download
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The most well-known software for programming pixel LEDs is LED Edit. In 2012, the software was initially released. This program is supported by almost all pixel LED controllers. LED Edit 2021 Software

The software is available in two versions: the LED Edit version and the LEDEdit-K version. The LED Edit software version is for offline pixel LED controllers, while the LEDEdit-K version is for both offline and online Pixel LED controllers. The controllers that these software versions support, however, may vary based on the program version (the old version of the software supports the old pixel LED chip and controller, and the new software version supports the new pixel LED chip and controller).

There are two software releases this year (2021). This is the second version (v 6.8). Due to the removal of the Flash player from the Windows 10 version, there was a problem with the first version. In this software version, the bug has been fixed. This is how to download and install LED Edit 2021 v6.8.

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Features of LED Edit 2021 v 6.8 :

  • Fixed software bugs.
  • Automatic software Updater.
  • More supported pixel LED controllers and drive chips.
  • Improved custom effects creator.
  • More export options.
  • Improved MADRIX support.

Supported Pixel LED Controllers :

LED Edit 2021 v 6.8 Supported Drive chips :

  • UCS1903, 1904, 1909, 1912, 2903, 2909, 2912
  • TM1803, 1804, 1809, 1812
  • WS2811, 2812, 2813E, 2815, 2818,2819
  • SM16703, 16709, 16712
  • P9883, P9823
  • DMX ( UCS512, SM16, SM17, TM512, GS8512 )
  • XB001
  • XB002
  • TM1913
  • TM1914
  • SM16716,16726
  • P9813
  • INK 1003
  • LX1003, 1203
  • LX3203, 1603, 1103
  • GS8205, 8206
  • WS2801
  • MBI6021
  • TLS3100
  • UCS8903
  • P9803
  • SK6812
  • LPD6803
  • LPD1886
  • DMX- Monochrome
  • XH-6897
  • LC8812

How to Install LED Edit 2021 V6.8 :

• Download the LED Edit 2021 v6.8 Zip file from the link at the bottom of the post.
• Open the downloaded file by double-clicking the zip file Then, Double click on “LED Edit 2021 setup.exe” file.
• Click on “Yes” if windows ask for permission to run the setup.

Download LEDEdit 2021 v6.8 Free

• Click on “Next” and select the installation path (If you want to install LED Edit 2021 v6.8 on a different location).

led edit 2014 class not registered

• Click on “Next” and click on “Yes” if a pop-up window appears stating “The installation path already Exists, Continue anyway ?“.

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led edit 2021 tutorial
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LedEdit Download WORKING 2021 NEW

• Click on “Next“.Then, “Next” again in the next window.

led edit 2021 effects download
led edit 2021 software free download

• Finally, Click on  “Install“. After all, Click on “Finish“.

led edit k class not registered

Auto Update:

Unlike previous versions this version has more updates, Automatic updater is one of these features. At the startup of the software, the automatic updater will run. Thus, Checking for new updates and the automatic updater will close if you don’t choose to install updates. Unfortunately, This window is in the Chinese language, Here is the translated window. So, You can understand the given options.

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led edit 2021 effects free download
led edit 2014 tutorial

The window During an update.

led edit all software

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led edit effects free download

However, If you don’t want this automatic updater to be run at the beginning. Here is how to stop checking for updates at the beginning. 

• Step 1 – Right-click on the LED Edit 2021 desktop icon and choose properties.
Step 2 – Select “Open file location” in the properties window. Which will open the LED Edit 2021 installed location.
• Step3 – Rename the “Updater” to “Updater_bkp” or whatever name you like. 

But, What  If you want an update . Follow above 1st and 2nd steps and rename the file (The file that we renamed at the step3) back to it’s original name “Updater”. Then , run the LEDEdit software again.

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