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When it comes to programming pixel LED strings and strips, LED Edit is one of the best programs available. Continue programming the pixel LEDs using the newest LED Edit 2022 software version. As you may be aware, involved is the creator of this program. This is the only version of the LED Edit software series that will be updated. Many new features have been introduced to the program interface in this edition. This program now supports new pixel LED variants. If you have an older version of the Pixel LED Controller, you may find download links for previous LED Edit versions below in this post.

Features of LED Edit 2022 v8.2

  • Fixed software bugs (Windows 10 / 11 Support).
  • More supported pixel LED controllers and drive chips.
  • More DMX features.
  • Improved Live (Online) support.
  • Point by Point correction feature.
  • Improved Fast recording feature.
  • More Export Options.

Supported Pixel LED Controllers

• T-1000 Series (New versions Only)
• T-8000 Series
• T-400K
• T-500K
• T-600K-D
• T-700K-B
• T-780
• T-800K
• T-1000-RGBWYA
• T-8000-L-RGB
• T-8000-L-RGBW
• T-8000-L-RGB-W
• T-8000-L-RGBWYA
• T-8000-L-Temp
• K-1000 Series
• K-1000-RGB
• K-1000-RGBW
• K-1000-W
• K-1000-RGBWYA
• K-8000 Series
• T-750_16port
• T-750_32port

Supported Drive chips

• UCS 1903, 1904,1909,1912,2903,2909,2912
• TM 1803, 1804, 1809, 1812
• WS2811, 2812, 2813E,2815, 2818, 2819
• SM 16703, 16709,16712 P9883,9823
• DMX(UCS512′,SM16'/SM17′,TM512m,GS851)
• DMX_Gramma 1.0
• TM 1913 TM 1914 SM 16716, 16726
• P9813
• LX 1003, 1203
• LX3203 1603 1103
• G58205,8206
• WS2801
• TLS3100
• P9803
• SK6812
• INK1003
• APA102
• LPD6803
• LPD1886
• XH-6897
• DMX 250K_CZF
• DMX 500K_CZF
• UCS5603_TEST
• UCS5603A
• UCS56038
• TM1814
• UCS8904
• SM16714
• SM16813
• GS8512
• LC8812
• LC8822
• WS2816
• UCS9812
• SM16803
• SM16804
• UCS2603_Test
• UCS2603

How to Install LED Edit 2022 v8.2?

• Download LED Edit 2022 from the link at the bottom of this page.

• Double click on the downloaded “LED Edit 2022 v8.2.rar” file and go inside it.

• Double click on the “LED Edit 2022 v8.2 setup.exe” setup file.

LED Edit Setup permission window
permission window

• Click on “Yes” when asked for permission.

LED Edit Setup Welcome Window
Welcome Window

• Click on “Next” in the first setup window.

lededit 2014 download
Installation Location

• Click on “Browse” and select an installation path If you want to install the LED Edit 2022 in a different location. Then, Click on “Next”.

led edit 2014
Selecting Start Menu location

• Click on “Next” in the next window.

LedEdit 2014 Free Download
Creating Shortcuts

• Check the boxes if you want to create shortcuts. Click on “Next“.

Download Led Edit 2014 2019 2020 2021 FREE
Setup Summary

• Check the boxes if you want to create shortcuts. Click on “Next“.

LedEdit Software - Download - Pixel Led Edit Effects
finish window

• Once Installed Click on “Finish“.

Download LEDEdit 2021 v6.8 Free
update pop-up window

• This pop-up dialogue will show when the LED Edit program is launched. “Would you want to update?” it asks. To update, press the right-hand button; to cancel, press the left-hand button. LED Edit 6.8 will be installed in your system if you do not update it.

lededit download - Led Edit Download
update completed

• Click on “Yes” to start the new updated version of LED Edit software.

How to check for the Pixel controller version?

You have to disassemble your pixel LED controller. The pixel LED controller version is printed on the PCB of the controller.

Why is my pixel LED Controller not working with LED Edit 2022?

Even if your pixel LED controller is listed in the new project window it doesn't mean the LED Edit 2022 created effect files will work on your controller. Because The new LED Edit 2022 only supports newer versions of those pixel LED controllers.

Is LED Edit 2022 64-bit or 32-bit?

This is 32-bit software. But, It will work on 64-bit operating systems.

What are the versions supported?

We are not certain, Higher version number is better. 
E.g – If your pixel LED controller is T-1000 and version number is 2017 (v2.1) or older version number LED Edit 2022 will not support your pixel LED controller. In that case, you need an older version of LED Edit software.

How to install LED Edit on Mac OS?

You can't install .exe setup in Mac OS. But, You can install software like “Vine for mac” and try to run this on a virtual machine.

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  1. Need help having nothing but issues. I have windows 11 and the latest LED Edit software will not install in English can not find a way to change it.

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