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LED walker is a necessary software for lighting designers, is an expert in making Led actions or led lighting animation, is suitable for personal or corporate and is easy for anyone to use.

The software can make near-real lighting animation effects for your customers and the beautiful LED effects will attract your customers and help you to undertake lighting engineering or LED projects.

It supports the output of AVI video or SWF format animation files. And your client does not need to install any plugins to play your lighting animation works.

LED Walker Software Details:

  1. This software designed by LEDwalker supports English and Chinese language.
  2. System Require for installation- windows 7/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10.
  3. It's much easier to make programs for your LED Project to compare with LED Edit.
  4. But you must use the LED Controller from the led walker, this software doesn't compatible.
  5. With T-1000s or another series controller from LEDEdit.
  6. We had an English specification and training video about How to use this software?

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