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Neon Play Software is a necessary software for lighting designers, is an expert in making neon or led lighting animation, is suitable for personal or corporate and it is easy for anyone to use. The software can make near-real lighting animation effects for your customers and the beautiful lighting effects will attract your customers and help you to undertake lighting engineering or LED projects. It supports the output of AVI video or SWF format animation files. and your client does not need to install any plugins to play your lighting animation works.

Types of Output Files of Neon Play Software:

.exe/.avi /.ctl /.tol file etc, and these format files are very small so that they can be sent to customers online, and your customers do not need to install any plug-in can play for .exe animation files. The software has powerful functions and flexible operations. It has the advantages of simple operation and easy to use and professional characteristics.

The software supports making all the neon lighting and LED lighting animation effects! For example, beautiful building lighting animation effects, landscape lighting animation effects, bridge lighting animation effects, LED screen effects, Palmtree lights effects, spot lights effects, LED Wall washer lights effects, LED spotlights Lights effects, LED channel letters effects, LED digital tube effects, LED wall lamp effects, Luminous characters effects and other lights product effects, etc.

The software can also export SD data to LED controller and It supports the following lamp chip or lamp wick types:

Ucs512/Ucs6909/Ucs6912/Ucs1903/Ucs1909/Ucs1912/Ucs2903/Ucs3903/Ucs3909/Ucs2912/Ucs3912/Ucs8904/Tm1803/Tm1804/Tm1809/Tm1812/Tm1826/Tm1829/Tm1926/Ws2803/Ws2801/Ws2811/Ws2812/Sm16715/Sm16716/Sm16726/P9813/P9816/Apa102/Apa103/Apa104/Lpd6803/Lpd8803/Lpd8806/Lpd1882/Lpd1883/Lpd1886/Lpd1889/Bs0901/Bs0902/Tls3100/Tls3001/Tls3002/Tls3003/Tls3005/6803/5903/6909/6912/74hc595/Hl1609/Mbi5026/6b595/Zq9712/My9231/Lx1203/Sk6812/D705/Dm13c/Dm134/Dm413/Dmx512series/Dmx512ap/595/134/13c/502x/High Power Led Control/1609/etc.

Here is a screenshot of the Full Version:

Since the 2015 release, the software has integrated the online upgrade function and the future release will not need a USB key. From 2015 onwards, the program supports free, lifetime upgrades.

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