FAQ For LED Light Strips
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Are you ready to use LED light strips to illuminate your projects but have some questions? You're in good hands with LED Pixel. We've compiled a list of commonly frequently asked questions About LED tape lights so you have all the details you need to make an informed purchase.

This blog has been organized into categories so that you can quickly find the answer to your inquiry.

LED Light Strip Basics

1. What are flexible LED strip lights and how do they work?

A bendable circuit board with a handful of LEDs attached to it makes up flexible LED light strips. LEDs create bright, energy-efficient light that may be used to light up any room. Flexible LED light strips enable you to illuminate areas where standard lighting sources are ineffective.

There are several advantages to employing LED light strips to illuminate your house, business, retail space, and other areas. When current runs in one way through a semiconductor, it creates light. Following the same idea, LEDs put on flexible tape provide clear and strong light. Change the size and kind of LEDs used, as well as how the LEDs are put on the tape, to personalize the hue, brightness, and color temperature of the light. Decorating your booth with flexible LED strips would be a terrific idea if you are a company that sells welding positioners and wants to make your products stand out at a trade show.

2. What kind of light do LED tape lights produce?

LED tape lights may emit light in any color you can think of. You may also adjust the temperature of each hue separately. carries LED light strips in cool white, warm white, natural white, red, green, blue, and a variety of additional colors. LED light strip controllers may be used to generate a wide range of color changes as well as change the temperature of each color.

3. How many types of LED light strips are there?

Flexible, stiff, and silicone LED light strips are the three most common types. Flexible LED light strips are malleable and may be used to illuminate unconventional places, as their name indicates. Using the adhesive on the back, they may be readily attached. LED tapes installed on a frame make up rigid LED light strips (usually made of aluminum). These light strips are excellent for illuminating outdoor areas. LED strips are coated in a thick layer of silicone in silicone LED ribbon lights. These strips are incredibly flexible and may be used to wrap around circular or spherical objects. They are also suitable for use outdoors and as accent lighting.

4. What factors should I consider before buying LED ribbon lights?

Before purchasing LED ribbon lights, keep the following aspects in mind:

  1. The specifications of the area you want to light
  2. The size and type of LED tape lights needed for your space
  3. The color and brightness of LED ribbon light
  4. The power draw and energy source required to light your tapes
  5. Mounting and installation requirements

Browse our LED light strip manufacturing buying guide for more information.

5. How are LED strip lights produced?

LED light strips are made using a meticulously designed method. The selection of the finest quality LEDs is the first step in our LED light strip production process. We then use both professional tools and specialists to place these LEDs onto sturdy strips. Our LED strips are put through quality checks at every level of the manufacturing process to ensure that they are free of flaws and will last a long time.

6. Can LED light strips be cut and soldered?

Yes. LED ribbon lights are simple to cut and solder. Make cautious to cut along the copper connectors to avoid damaging any of the strip's important components. To solder two tapes together, remove the silicone coating. LED light strip connectors to make connecting light strips a breeze.

7. How do I install LED tape lights?

Flexible LED ribbon lights are simple to install. Simply remove the protective tape from the adhesives on the back of each light strip and adhere the strip to the adhesives. The mounting clamps included in the package can be used to install rigid LED lights. To safely install your LED light strips, you may alternatively utilize Led Aluminium profiles.

LED Tape Light Quality

1. How are LED light strips better than the rest?

LED light strips are superior to the competition in terms of performance and longevity. We have a large selection of LED ribbon lights. Furthermore, we provide complete LED light strip customization. LED controllers, power supplies, connectors, profiles, and other items are also available. As a result, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your lighting requirements.

2. Does ledpixeltm manufacture its own LED strip lights or are you a reseller?

We make our own light LED strips at ledpixeltm. Our LED light strip production process is rigorous, allowing us to manage every part of the light tape. As a result, we may create custom LED tape lights to meet your specific lighting requirements. We also take bulk LED light strip orders so you can easily illuminate your whole project.

3. What kind of quality control tests do you use on your LED tape lights?

At LED Pixel, we prioritize quality over all else. That is why, at the end of each stage of the LED tape light production process, we conduct specific quality testing. These exams include anything from a general check to performance indicators. The following is a list of the quality control tests we conduct:

  • LEDs Testing
  • PCB Solder Paste Thickness Testing
  • Power-on Testing (after SMT welding)
  • High & Low-Temperature Testing
  • Salty Water Testing
  • Humidity Testing
  • Tape Stickiness Detection
  • Aging Test
  • Integrating Sphere Testing

4. What are the warranties of your LED light strips?

Our LED light strips are guaranteed to perform flawlessly for many years to come. All of our LED strips come with warranties ranging from 2 to 5 years. Our warranties reaffirm our commitment to providing a top-notch product. The warranty period is determined by the type of LED ribbon light you purchase.

5. What is the average length of a ledpixeltm light LED strip?

The length of a pre-cut ledpixeltm LED tape light is 50 cm. We may, however, trim and solder the strips to any desired length. We can also supply LED strips in uncut lengths that you may cut yourself to fit your needs.

6. Can ledpixeltm LED strips be used for outdoor lighting projects?

Yes, ledpixeltm LED light strips are waterproof since they are wrapped with silicone and plastic. As a result, they're ideal for outdoor use. Our silicone LED ribbon lights may be used in a variety of applications and in all types of weather. Our Aluminum profile may also be used to protect your LED light strips from the elements.

LED Ribbon Light Accessories

1. What kind of LED tape connectors does ledpixeltm offer?

ledpixeltm has a number of LED tape connections to choose from. Our connections make it simple to connect two LED strips or to connect your strips to a power source. Our connections eliminate the need for soldering when connecting your LED tape lights. Here are some of the LED tape light connections we have available:

2. How do I control the brightness of my LED light strips?

LED light strip controllers to make controlling the brightness of your LED light strip a breeze. These controllers come in a range of shapes and sizes. ledpixeltm sells digital RF LED strip controllers with a user-friendly interface. All of our LED light strips are compatible with our controllers. You may select from simple ones that allow you to alter only the light's brightness to more complicated ones that allow you to modify the color of the light strips as well. These lights are ideal for some excellent tiny salon ideas if you want to go into the beauty industry.

3. How do I calculate the power supply needed for my LED light strips?

Calculate the power supply required for your LED light strips to ensure that you utilize the correct power source. Fortunately, calculating the amount of energy required to power your LED light strips is simple. Simply calculate the needed wattage per meter of each LED light strip by the strip's length.

For example, a transformer with a capacity of at least 21W is required to supply a 4.2m long strip with a 5W/m power use. You can add the electricity necessary for your complete project by calculating the power consumption for all of your LED light cassettes.

4. How can I connect my LED light tapes to the power supply?

You can connect your LED light cassettes to the power source in two ways. You may either plug them into a wall outlet or hardwire them into your space's primary power supply. We have LED light strip power supply solutions at ledpixeltm that will allow you to connect your strips in both directions.

1) Connect your LED ribbon lights to a power outlet with our Desktop LED light strip power supply. Our power supply connection has a range of connectors to fit any power outlet.

2) Using our Aluminium case power supply, hardwire your LED ribbon lights to the primary power source in your area. This shell protects your LED light strips from surges caused by shortages, overloads, and overvoltages, extending their life.

5. How can I use the Aluminum Profile to protect my LED strips?

The Aluminum profile is made to hold your LED light strips in place. This shields your LED tapes from the elements, ensuring that they last a long time and require no maintenance. The profile also does a wonderful job of uniformly dispersing the light from the LED strips, resulting in a greater impact. Finally, they enable mounting LED light strips on uneven surfaces or unique corners much easier.

There are two types of aluminum profiles:

T-Shaped Aluminium LED Profile: This profile has an anodized finish and is great for mounting to sliding doors, windows, shutter rollers, industrial curtain walls, partitions, kitchen cabinets, and more.

U-Shaped Aluminium LED Profile: This profile has a clear, polished finish that makes it look professional and elegant. This compact and slim profile is great for under staircases, dressers, showcases, furniture, workstations, and more.

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