How do you use RGB music controller?
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In this article, we will discuss How do you use an RGB music controller? gonna talk about it. If you have to write your name in lighting. So read this article very carefully.

Designed for lighting and decorating other areas. This makes LED control more convenient and more important. We can use the Android system phone to install control software. And it can be downloaded on Google Play, then we can control the LED.

This Controller supports DC7-24V (12/24V), the maximum number of digits is 2048*2 pixels, the speed is 32 levels adjustable, the sequence is RGB arbitrary setting, and it has multiple music spectrum, input material, and more than 250 dynamic effects.

With the help of this controller, you can use WiFi Music Spectrum Android Controller DMX512, LPD6803, WS2811, WS2812B, and WS2801 for Addressable LED Strip Lights.

LC2000B RGB Music Controller LED Light
RGB Music Controller

LC-2000B RGB Music Controller Details:

  • Item Type: Dream color LED-WIFI Music Controller 
  • Model: LC2000B
  • Size: L120mm X W65mm X H24mm
  • Controller Working Voltage: DC12-24V, ( If it working with 5V power supplies, the WiFi signal will not be good ).
  • Can Be Control:  DC7V/12V/24V Addressable LED Strips
  • Number of pixels:   8~2048 pixel
  • Speed Control:   32 adjustable
  • Memory: Automatic memory function
  • LED sequence: RGB Arbitrarily set
  • Control mode: LED colorful APP
  • Music Control: Mic or Line input
  • Play mode: Single play + custom list loop + favorite list loop
  • Sync Type: 485 cascade control. 
LED Wifi RGB Music Controller

How to Operate the LED Colorful APP?

With the help of Qrcod of Controller, you can download the App. “LED colorful App” is not available on the play store, download the App from Google and install it. You have to connect WiFi to your Mobile to run this App. Then you will first Once you open the app, then the entering face of the password will come, then you have to type 8 times 8. Ahi is the password for this app.

LED Wifi RGB Music Controller app
LED Colorful APP

After that, you have to select LED. Your LED is 2811 or something else.

You have to save your bulb by selecting it. Afterward, you will get to see 256 fungi. In it, the first four texts are to be written. And the rest goes through the musical effect. You can play the effect even without the music you want.

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