How to Choose and Install LED Strip Lights
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When decorating your house, within your decoration material list there will be LED strip lamp/lighting this item, but most owners do not know what it is.

In fact, this is commonly used in daily life. We do not ware of it because one, we do not contact this field too much.

Flexible led strip lights are hidden, We only see its light, but can not see its body. This is the highly advanced technology lighting-Hidden light (see light only, but the body is hidden into the wall ).

As shown in the above picture, the circle refers to the hidden place of the led strip light. The color of this light is warm white. Lighting is generally installed in the dark slot, after installing the correct led strip lights, your houses will have more sense of hierarchy and corresponding atmosphere. 

For Led lighting, many owners may not know how to choose and install it, following is the experience for your reference :

1- What are led strip lights?

As you see from the below picture, that is what flexible led light looks like. It is just like a soft flexible tape after being combined with led beads, that is “Flexible LED Strip Lights”. It is very easy and convenient to use after using a led adhesive backing and led power AC plug fixing the led strip light, then directly connecting with AC 110/220V, it will work. For one thing, if you use low voltage led strip light DC12V/24V, the Lumen (brightness value) will not be lower than high voltage led strip light, in contrast, it will be brighter, safer, and more convenient.

About low voltage led strip light , it has many types , for example, single color / RGB color changing / digital programmable / dream color / DMX512 etc. RGB led strip lights if combined with Bluetooth, Music, WIFI, RF, and Touch controller to work together, will reach a better effect of home led lighting atmosphere. Low voltage led strip lights will have one more AC/DC power supply adapter(High voltage led strips do not require additional power supply adapters).

About how to choose the led power supply, you need to see how many meters of the total flexible led light strips you need, the longer, the more LEDs of the led lights, then the higher the power supply. On the details description of the low voltage led strip page, you can see the power of each foot/meter, then you will know how to choose. If you still not clear, please contact the seller without hesitation. 

In previous years, low voltage led strip lights had the problem of volt drop, which means, the longer the transmission distance, the more power will lose (high voltage led strip will not ). This problem will cause the brightness at the beginning and the end is not the same for the led light which length more than 6 meters. That is why all the low voltage led strip light is 5 meters in the lighting market.

For this problem, now no need to worry, super lighting led had been solved. On its website, there are two kinds of super long low voltage flexible led light, one is 20(65.6′) meters DC24V constant voltage led strip light, and the other is 30 meters(98′) constant current led strip light. If your low voltage lighting project is longer than 30 meters(98′), we have led the amplifier to help you solve the volt drop problem.

Tips: When you order the low voltage led strip light, please ensure to confirm the CRI, the higher the CRI, the more true colors you will see from your eyes. Another thing, please check the gold wire inside the LEDs,

The solder is environmentally friendly, as it will directly affect the lifespan of the led strip light. Different materials and values of the led strips PCB, price, and quality are different, that is why there are $ 1 and $20 led strip lights on the led lighting market, even though they have the same details.  About what is CRI and how to choose better quality led strip lights, please check our below link. 

In recent years, led strip light has fast development. In previous years, there was no led light, only can use the T4, and T5 lamps do backlight, but T4 and T5 lamp minimum sizes are 0.3 meters, which means that if there are less than 0.3 meters, it will leave a dark area. In order to solve these disadvantages, flexible low voltage led strip lights are bored with the requirement of the market. With led strip lights, you can cut any length according to your actual use, very easily and conveniently. It also has red, green, blue, yellow, white, and warm white single color; RGB, full colors for optional choice.

2- What Color do LED Strip Lights have?

In order to meet the rapid demand of the customer, nowadays led strip lights have the following colors: red, yellow, blue, green, warm white, daylight white single color, and RGB, full color. Warm white is commonly used in daily houses, as it can create an atmosphere of harmony and peace. You can choose the color according to your actual needs.

3- Daily used led lights

At present, the hottest welcome led strip light type is 3528 and 5050. (3528 refers to the LED light chip size, 32mm in length and 28 mm wide, 5050 refers to the LED light chip length and width are 50 mm). The difference between 3528 and 5050 chips. 5050 has 3 LED diodes in one housing while 3528 has only 1 LED diode. So for the same length of the led lights, 5050 Led strip lights have 3 times the power of 3528, and the price will also be higher. 

4- Structure and installation of the led light 

.Led strip lights spare parts including led diodes, led circuit boards, led connecting wires, 3M adhesive backing, led the resistance, and led strip lights related accessories.

, LED strip lights with a general 5 or 10 meters /roll, according to your own actual use, you can tell the seller to help you to cut when ordered. If you would like to cut by yourself, remember to be sure to follow the instructions to cut, otherwise, it will not bright! In each section there will be a connector, plug them together then you can use them.

, Led lights fittings: The accessories are generally a led power AC plug (that is power supply connector), pin (led connector ), adhesive backing, mounting brackets (plastic fixer to fix the light), and tail plug (The plastic sleeve to protect the tail of the lamp  ) These led lights accessories normally the seller will send to you free of charge, but please negotiate with them before ordering. If you want to control color-changing RGB led strip lights, please purchase-compatible LED controller. all the controllers are sold separately.

5- Installation 

According to the actual length of the light channel then cut the length of the light and assembled them. After successfully testing, then install and fix the light with the clip. Everything goes OK, then connect the power supply, then it can work. If you do not want to install it yourself, please employ an experienced electrician.

6- Quality and safety 

LED strip lights are generally with high voltage AC110/220V, so normally wrap with a thick layer of flame retardant glue. The led 2-pin cable/wire, led circuit boards and other parts are generally made of copper. LED lamp beads to determine the led lights life, for the safety of electricity, using loner times and safety days, if only pursue cheap price, maybe in exchange for security risks! Looking for good quality led strip lighting is your final target.

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