How to Connect 6000 Pixels LED on T1000s Controller?
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In today’s article, we are going to learn how to run Pixel led from T1000S Controller to 6000? Yes, you heard it right.

How to Drive T1000s Controller to 6000 Pixel LED?

Now you are thinking that with T1000s, you can run only 2000 Pixel LEDs, so how will 6000 Pixel LEDs run now? So you want to know how to run 6000 Pixel LEDs from T1000s Controller? then read today’s article completely.

If you want to decorate the whole apartment then you have to run 80 or 120 nets then you can not use T1000s. You know this but it is possible. You must be thinking how? So let’s see.

You will have to do the synchronization of T1000s Controller, now you are thinking that how the synchronization happens after all, so let’s see

T1000S Controller Synchronization

Now you can light 6000 LEDs with the help of T1000s, for this you will need three T1000s. T1000S synchronization You have seen the sector in the photo below that we have synchronized 3 T1000s here.

t1000s controller software download

You can see that we have used three T1000s. And you don’t even need to do separate programming in all three, then you see. On the body of T1000s, INPUT A, INPUT B, and OUT AOUT B are written like this, and A is for synchronization.

led edit 2014 t1000s

First, you have to put the cable on OUT A and OUT B. The same cable you put in OUT will become your master and the cable you have put in OUT is to be put in INPUT in the other.

Synchronization will happen like this, you will do so much but you have to keep in mind that whatever your controller is, its negative wire which is the power supply, its negative is INPUT in T1000s.

Now you have to make the wire of all the three controllers parallel with each other, in some way like this.

You can see it in the photo below.

t1000s led controller

So in the same way you can also synchronize a maximum of 32 T1000s. And you can do the biggest decoration with the help of T1000s, you must have enjoyed reading the article, thank you.

Connect 6000 Pixels LED on T1000s Video Link :

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