How to Connect the DMX LED Pixel Lights System?
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how the DMX LED Pixel lighting system is currently connected? The building’s stunning and picturesque lights not only confirm the structure but also contribute to the city’s attractiveness, giving it a captivating charm at night. The lighting design of the city’s principal buildings and spaces can help to improve the city’s image by enhancing the surroundings and playing an important part in the city’s social and economic growth.

The colorful and dynamic visuals we generally see on buildings are made up of LED pixel dot lights that have been configured by engineers and show various effects via a controller. DMX LED Pixel are commonly used in outdoor lighting projects to provide a more stable effect. We need to know how the pixel dot lights will be connected in order to assemble the full image.

Introduction of Each Connecting Part:

LED Pixel Dot Lights with DMX Control:

DMX LED Pixel Dot Lights
DMX LED Pixel Dot Lights

The OSRAM/Cree LED chips used in Suntech LED pixel lights to have a 5-year warranty. The PCB board is completely encased in transparent adhesive, which will not be yellow in 5 years. Overvoltage, overcurrent, and surge damage are all prevented by the protective capacitor components. Internal wire and PCB board connections are totally glue-sealed, preventing thermal expansion and contraction and providing exceptional moisture resistance.

DMX LED Pixel Controller:

DMX LED Controller
DMX LED Pixel Controller

The Master Controller can convert data from an SD card to a DMX signal, which it then sends to the sub-controller. The sub-controller is in charge of transferring the signal to the pixel LED lights so that the entire LED pixel lights system may be controlled.

Signal Adapter:

Signal Adapter
Signal Adapter

On the one hand, the signal adaptor can convert the controller’s signal into a signal that the light can perceive. The signal will be diminished if the transmission distance is too great (the distance between the pixels exceeds 0.5 meters). On the other hand, the signal adaptor can boost the signal and ensure that it is transmitted in a stable manner.

Mid-way Power Connector:

Mid-way Power Connector
Mid-way Power Connector

A voltage drop occurs when there are too many pixels in series and the connection distance is too lengthy. To ensure that the circuit runs reliably, the mid-way power connector must be used to augment the circuit’s power.

Connection Steps:

Here’s a video of one of the DMX LED pixel light connection system’s modes:

1. Connect the controller and power connector to the power supply.
Or connect the controller and LED lights to the power supply. 

2. Connect one end of the signal adapter to the controller and the other end to the power connector.
Or connect one end of the signal adapter to the controller and the other end to the LED lights.

Note: Please be careful when connecting the signal adapter to the controller. The red wire is connected to port A, the white wire is connected to port B, and the silver wire is connected to GND. {alertWarning} 

signal adapter
signal adapter

3. The signal adapter and mid-way power connector are required between the pixel lights to ensure sufficient power and stable signal transmission.


1. When the distance between the lights exceeds 0.5 meters, a signal adaptor must be used to amplify the signal in order to maintain steady transmission. When the current is less than 0.8A, a Mid-way power connector must be connected to maintain the circuit stable. 

2. Pay attention to the gaps on both sides when connecting the male and female connectors. This is made to be simple to use.

the gaps on both sides
the gaps on both sides

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