Install LED Panel Light
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LEDs can help you save money on lighting by conserving up to 60% of the energy used while keeping the same brightness. They also have a greater life expectancy. ELECALL LED panel light, for example, has a 50,000-hour life expectancy.

Furthermore, LED lighting is a type of cold lighting source that maintains the surface of the light board cool even after several hours of operation, implying that the lights do not affect the ambient temperature of your place. When it comes to replacing a classic halogen bulb with a new LED panel light, the subject of how to install the LED panel light arises. And the complete solution may be found in this article.

How to Install LED Panel Light?

Before You Install LED Panel Light

When installation, basic safety procedures should always be observed, including the following:

  • A dedicated external LED driver should power the LED Panel's power source.
  • Before installing or doing maintenance, turn off the power.
  • Before turning on the gadget, double-check that the cables are properly connected.
  • Ascertain that the product has an adequate heat dissipation area.
  • At no point can the luminaries are never covered by any heat-insulating mat or thin layer material.

Recessed Mounting of Panel Light

Step 1: Remove the ceiling plaster slab.

Install LED Panel Light

Step 2: Connect the panel light and the driver by feeding the main AC wire into the driver terminal block respectively.

HOW TO INSTALL LED Panel Light Ceiling Frame Kit

Step 3: Plaster the panel light into the ceiling. Turn on the power after making sure the led panel light is securely fastened.

How TO Install LED Flat Panel Light
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Suspended Mounting of Drop Ceiling Light

Step 1: Place the anchor at the desired location on the ceiling. With the anchor, secure the installation mount to the ceiling.

A step-by-step guide to installing LED panels

Step 2: Adjust the length of steel wires and suspend the panel from the ceiling using a suspended installation kit.

Light 4000K 2X2 FT

Step 3: Turn on the power and feed the main AC wire into the driver terminal block respectively.

hang up panel light

Recommend the Best LED Panel Lights

AIKVSXER flat panel lights are the finest choice for LED 2X2 panel lights for commercial use. To begin, the goods come with ETL and DLC safety and rebate certificates. Second, the panel lights come with a 5-year warranty and are assumed to be of high quality. Furthermore, as a replacement for standard HID bulbs, AIKVSXER ceiling panel lights may save up to 60% on power costs. You may learn more about AIKVSXER panel lights by clicking here.

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