Install LED Strip Lights for TV
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LED strip lights are becoming increasingly popular in interior design as a kind of ambient lighting. One inventive application is TV backdrop lighting, which may assist establish the tone for a home theatre setup and give you a fully immersive experience. Furthermore, if you’re used to watching TV late at night with the lights turned out, you’re probably aware that gazing at a bright TV screen in the dark causes your eyes to tire more quickly. You may lessen the eye strain caused by the dramatic contrast between a bright TV screen and a dark environment by adding LED strip lights behind the TV to boost the ambient brightness in your room. Isn’t it fun and practical to utilize LED strip lighting for TV? Following that, we’ll go through how to connect LED strip lights to a television.

How to Install LED Strip Lights Around TV?

LED strip lights are, in general, quite simple to attach. Installing USB TV LED strip lights on the back of a TV, for example, requires simply a few easy steps.

How to Add LED Backlighting to Any TV in Five Minutes!

Step 1: Unroll the strip lights

The first thing you should do after receiving your LED strip lights is unrolled them. You will also receive extra accessories such as a remote control, battery, and USB cord if you ordered a kit.

Step 2: Clean the back of your TV

Because the LED strip lights are mounted to the back of your TV with 3M self-adhesive backing tape, you must clean it first. The strip lights are more likely to slip off after you place them on if the surface is too dusty or moist.

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Step 3: Confirm the location and stick on the strip lights

Because various families have varying sizes of televisions, it’s advisable to measure yours before installing the strip lights. First, try to place them. Remove the baking sheet from the 3M double-sided tape and apply the LED strip lights for the TV when you’re satisfied with the location.

Step 4: Connect the strip lights

4 separate strip lights with a tiny controller will be included in the USB TV LED strip lights. Three connection cords link the four distinct strips. Connect one end of the USB cable to the small controller and the other to the TV’s USB port. Now that you’ve successfully connected everything, you can use the remote control to change the color and brightness of the lights to create various visual effects.

How to Choose the Best TV LED Strip Lights

How do you choose the right LED strip light for your TV set from all the LED strip lights on the market? The following factors will assist you in making your selection.

usb led light strip for tv

1- Multiple Colors Available

RGB LED strip lights will fit you well if you want to feel like you’re watching TV in a movie theatre. Different light colors can be selected for different movie genres. Whether you’re watching a romantic film, a humorous comedy, or a nail-biting thriller, LED lighting can help you create a better environment and have a more enjoyable experience.

2- Adjustable Brightness

This is also a very crucial function since it allows you to create entirely distinct lighting effects by adjusting the brightness at will.

3- Proper Length

It’s advisable to measure the size of your TV set before going shopping for LED strip lights so you can get the proper length. If you’re looking for strip lights for your 65-inch TV, the Govee 6.5ft USB TV LED strip lights are a great option. Furthermore, because this product is made up of four independent strip lights of similar length, you may modify the location of each strip to fit different-sized TV screens. If you buy a continuous strip, you may run it down the edge of your television and clip off any extra (if any) at a “cut” mark.

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4- WIFI Connection Enabled

WIFI networks may be used to link smart LED strip lights. Remote control, a mobile APP, or voice control can be used to change the lighting effect, but non-smart strip lights are usually exclusively controlled by remote control. You may choose whether or not to buy a smart model based on your requirements. You can choose the more convenient smart versions if you already have a smart speaker or find it simpler to manage via a smartphone APP. If you think a remote control would suffice, you can save money by purchasing the standard strips.

5- USB Connection

LED strip lights with a USB plug, in general, operate better with televisions since they can be plugged directly into the port behind the televisions without the need for an additional power outlet. Additionally, you may power the LED strip lights with a power bank, a computer, a wall-mounted charger, and so on.

Govee RGB LED TV Backlights are the appropriate alternative for LED strip lights for your LG or Vizio TV backdrop illumination. This model can not only generate various effects with varied light colors and adjustable brightness, but it can also suit both 35-inch and 65-inch televisions. Now is the time to choose the ideal backdrop illumination for your TV and enjoy a fully immersive movie-watching experience!

Govee RGB LED TV Backlights

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