How to Install LED Strip Lights in Closet
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Closets are everyday items of furniture that we utilize. We all know that the area inside a closet is usually confined, thus adequate lighting is required when sorting or hunting for items. But how can you get dressed after waking up in the morning without waking up your partner? LED strip lights are an excellent solution for adding light to your closet.

To begin with, LED strip lights may be pasted directly into the closet wall without taking up more room. They also feature a low voltage and a good safety profile, making them suitable indoors. A closet with LED strip lights seems more beautiful and appealing, in addition to providing better lighting. So, how do you choose and install LED strip lights in the closet? Following is a detailed discussion of this topic. Lights in Closet.

How to Install LED Strip Lights in Closet 2

How to Install LED Strip Lights in Closet

The following instructions will show you how to install LED strip lights in your closet to improve your daily organizing and clothing choices.

Step 1: Choose a Suitable LED Strip Lights in Closet

Depending on the interior décor or closet style, many select white closet strip lights, such as daylight or warm white.

How to Install LED Strip Lights in Closet 3

In terms of length, we recommend establishing the strip’s location in the closet and measuring the needed length ahead of time to select the most appropriate strip from a variety of lengths and minimize waste or inadequacy.

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In terms of additional features, we recommend choosing a strip that can alter brightness based on lighting circumstances when you open the closet to pick items, allowing you to meet a variety of lighting requirements.

Furthermore, waterproof strips are often more costly than non-waterproof strips. Non-waterproof ones will suffice if they are only used in closets. Of course, if you’re going to put them in the kitchen or the bathroom, you should choose waterproof ones.

Step 2: Unwrap the Strip and Paste It Onto the Closet Wall

When you receive the LED strip lights kit, check that the strip, remote control, controller, and connector are all in place. Then paste the strip into the desired location. Pay careful attention to the end of the strip lights that connect to the power source since it must be plugged in and for aesthetic reasons.

Cut the strip following the scissors mark if your strip is too long. If you cut it incorrectly, the entire set of lights will not turn on.

Cut led strip

Step 3: Plug in and Turn on the Strip

The final step is to attach the strip to the controller through the connection and then plug it in. Your LED strip lights will illuminate your closet. Check the direction of the connection between the connector and the strip if the strip does not light up when plugged in. When the direction is reversed, the lights will not turn on.

PS: Do not connect the lights while they are being installed. Only plug in once you’ve double-checked that everything is in order.

connect led lights

Best LED Closet Strip Lights Recommendations

Are you ready to transform your closet with a gorgeous and functional LED light strip? We suggest the Lepro 50ft LED Strip Lights Kit, which is ideal for indoor application. For larger closets, 50 feet is sufficient, and you may trim the excess if it becomes too long, with the remainder still functioning well. You may also select any hue to meet your preferences, and the brightness adjustment allows you to alter the intensity of the lights to match the time of day.

LED strip lights may be utilized in a variety of interior design applications. They may be used in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other areas in addition to closets. More information on the many varieties of LED strip lights may be found here.

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