how to make pixel led thoranam step by step
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In today’s article, I am going to talk about Pixel LED Light New Decoration System, How to Make Pixel LED Thoranam?

In this article today, how can you pixel led thoranam well? I am going to talk about it to you. After all, what things are you going to need for this project? I am going to tell you all this. After all, which power supply do you have to use? I am going to give you all this information in today’s article. So read this article completely.

How to Make Pixel LED Thoranam?

First of all, I would like to tell you that you can decorate Pixel LED differently.

On top of this, I have written all the articles. You can also put the Pixel LED on the hardboard very well. You are going to need so many things to make this project. have to take something like this first.

how to make pixel Led THORANAM Making?
Pixel LED Thoranam

Will also find such a thread anywhere very easily.

After that, you are going to need Grips. You are going to have to see something like this.

pixel led thoranam controller

The special thing about this Grips is that with the help of this you can keep all the Pixel LEDs in the same position. You have to install the Pixel LED with Grips in this way above this thread.

pixel led thoranam price

This way you can set up the entire web, If you put all the LEDs on one side, you are going to see a very effective effect in it. The biggest advantage in setup in this way is that you get to see the Clear Effect.

You can use the Controller whatever you want in this project. You have to do very simple wiring in it.

Wire connection of data with data, To connect both Wires with Positive and Negative with Positive, After that, I have to do Power Supply Joint. You don’t have to do anything else, That’s all you have to do with the wiring.

You can thoranam Pixel LED on different dates. Today I have told you how to do decorations very well. You can also set it up on the Hard Board in a very unusual way.

You can also use the power supply of 5V 5A.

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Pixel LED Thoranam controller

With the help of this power supply, you can easily operate three to four burners.

Talk about the price of this 5V 5A power supply, if you want to purchase from me, then you will get Rs 200.

Pixel LED Controller Purchase Link: Click Here

Friends, I hope that you have understood all of this in this article today. If you still do not know, then tell me by commenting. I’ll replay you there. If you want to watch videos on similar topics, then you can also visit my YouTube channel. The name of my YouTube channel is ledpixeltm, I upload similar videos on this channel. So you can also subscribe to this. Thank you.

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