How to Use LEDEdit 2014 Software - Complete Tutorial
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Install Software to PC and Open English Version, When we installed LED Edit 2014 Software, on the desktop we can see the following icon:

lededit 2014

Please Double-click it, then we into the following interface:

lededit 2014 v2.4 free download

Make Effect Program:

We can click the “File (F)” in the English interface, -> “new project” -> it will appear in this interface:

lededit 2014 free download

Controller Type: you can select the “Controller Type“. If you use the T1000s controller, you must select the “T1000-1903“; If you use the T-4000s controller, you must select the “T4000-1903“; If you use the T-8000 controller, you must select the “T8000-1903“.

Frame Rate: you can select the corresponding number. If you want to speed faster, you can select a large number; If you want to speed slower, you can select a small number. We recommend you select the 30.

Save as: this appears to your saved address. You can change the “saved address” by “Browse“.

We use the T1000-1903 Controller for Example. now click “OK”.

Using LED Edit 2014 Software – Method 1

Then, we need to set the Light Layout. We use the 200 LED ( 4X50) as the Example. We click the “Project Config” -> “start manual layout” -> as follow interface:

lededit 2014 64 bit

In top interface :

led edit 2014 effects free download

Because we use 200 LEDs, then we click, and the mouse “Light Horizontal” click, and do not release the mouse, and dragging to follow:

led edit 2021

We can see the Round is horizontal, Then we need to click the “Port“, and click The upper left corner, follow:

led edit 2014 windows 10

Then we need to click the “Line“, and connect the Port with the Round. Follow:

led edit software free download for pc

So we made the light layout with about 200 LEDs. Then we need to save it.

We click the “File (F)” -> ”save” -> follow:

Led edit 2014 tutorial

You can save where you want to save. It will generate the document of “.cxb“. When we saved it, we can close the interface:

Then we back the interface, Then we click “Project Config (C)” -> “import (.cxb)” -> follow:

Led Edit 2014 with T8000-4 Ports Tutorials

We need to find the document that we saved the document of “.cxb“, and we need to open it. It will appear with the following interface:

LED EDIT Software Tutorials Programming Pixel LED

The Green point is we needs.


Then we click, it has some program-effect, you can select one. So we select the “move right“, and it appears to follow the effect:

How do I use Led edit 2014?

Then we must record the effect, please click the 🔴, to start recording. When we record the effect, we need to click the 🔳 to stop recording.

Export Effect Program which we Made

We here where you want to save. Please click the “Export (O)” -> “export effect(.led)” to follow interface:

How can I open an LED file in LED edit 2014?

All Steps are over, we can close the following interface.

We can find the document that we need. and it needs to copy to “SD card“, but the SD card must format to “FAT Or FAT32” Format.

Using LED Edit 2014 Software – Method 2

This method is the easiest to use

Click the -> “auto layout“, follow interface:

How to use and program led edit 2014 software?

We only change two parts. the “horizontal Pixel” “50” and the “vertical Pixel” “4“, so the interface was changed to this.

Click the “OK“, The light layout is the same effect.

Pixel LED Light Programming Software Download

Using LED Edit 2014 Software – Method 3

We can use the “Auto CAD” software to set the layout.

When we use the “Auto CAD“, we have some requests.

Led pixel programming software

The round radius must be 1.0, and the round must be disjoint, and when we use a beeline to connect with two rounds, the beeline must connect to the center of a circle. We need to make the “P1” the port.

pixel led edit 2014 software free download

When we save the “Auto CAD” document, we must save it in “.dxf” format. Then we can import the “Auto CAD” document in “.dxf” format. Click the “Project Config (C)” -> “import(.dxf)” -> follows:

The layout will appear as it appeared in the previous two methods.

Here we come to the end of explaining how to use LED Edit 2014 Software? If you have any questions or inquiries, please leave a comment and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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