Jinx V2.4 A new generator and a lot of improvements
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I'm excited to unveil the newest Jinx V2.4 today! I spent a lot of time optimizing and working behind the scenes. We now have a brand-new effect generator with the latest version: Raindrops. You may take some stunning photographs of the water ripple effect. Additionally, the Scrolling Text effect has been improved, allowing you to utilize 380 characters instead of 254, and the perspective transform is now available in all four directions. If you import the scrolling text in real-time, you can also utilize the last line of a file. You can also use the new $COUNT variable within the Scrolling text Generator to create fascinating time-driven countdowns. Jinx V2.4.

JinxV2.4 โ€“ LED Matrix Control User Manual
Jinx V2.4

Additionally, I added additional arbitrary color possibilities, such as the main color swap, to the effect of falling rain and growing forms. We also received a new release and fade time option inside the strobe effect to complete the effect changes. To see what can be done with the new features, just have a look at the new demo scenes (Cool Drops, Liquid Color Wars, Audio Color Drops, and Strobe Analyzer). Jinx V2.4.

jinx led tutorial
Jinx V2.4

The GUI skins have also seen some changes. Now that the skin files are kept in their own directory within your Jinx V2.4 installation, we may utilize background pictures inside the skins.

You can check out this feature because I uploaded some new skins. The matrix areas will also have a minor yet helpful adjustment. The region button will remain depressed if any area is active, allowing you to see any settings that are currently in effect. The ability to toggle off the region preview while changing on the matrix has been added. By default, it is now off, and switching it off will just halt the associated effect generator rather than all of them. As a result, you may change the regions while the performance is still going without flashing the matrix to the audience.

As always, please refer to the manual for further details on how the new features operate.

Jinx V2.4 led effects
Jinx V2.4

Features Jinx V2.4

Jinx V2.4 is a stand-alone led matrix controller with a robust feature set that will help you get the most from your matrix.

  • simple, intuitive, and fully resizable user interface
  • 4 effect channels with 2 independent generators each
  • 22 effect generators with lots of variations and sub effects including audio-based effects like strobe and spectrum analyzer as well as image viewer with animated gif support, AVI player, and webcam support
  • Create your own effects with Jinx! Script โ€“ a small but powerful basic like programming language to write effects on your own
  • every generator can use its own assignable region which can be freely placed inside the matrix
  • switchable auto gain control for audio capturing
  • generators can be merged with a lot of different modes
  • both effect channels can be merged and crossfaded
  • simple master control for main brightness and gamma
  • additional master strobe effect
  • scene store to quickly save and access a composing effect
  • inside the scenes, all 8 generators can be saved, as well as half scenes with only 4 generators which can be assigned to the left or right side of Jinx! to crossfade the scenes directly
  • powerful chase engine to build your own chases with stored scenes
  • touch screen friendly show mode for playing scenes and chases with auto scene fade mode
  • all preview panels are configurable, and channel preview panels switchable to single generators
  • copy and paste single generators to another channel or scene
  • record effects to a file which can be played in a single effect generator and combined with other effects to get an endless number of effect combinations
  • various and flexible output options, supporting Art-Net, sACN (E1.31), tpm2.net, tpm2, Glediator protocol, and MiniDMX as well as real DMX ( Enttec OpenDMX USB and Enttec USB DMX Pro compatible interfaces)
  • switchable borderless DVI output window, which will stay on top and wipe out the mouse cursor
  • all output protocols can be redirected to a file to create animation files for standalone controllers
  • additional Bitmap Export to save the created animation as a series of Windows Bitmap files
  • create Glediator 2 / Solderlab UIB compatible recorder files
  • multiple output devices can be handled to drive a serial matrix with more than one port
  • flexible pixel to output device patching
  • remote control support via DMX (Enttec USB DMX Pro compatible interfaces), Art-Net, sACN (E1.31), MIDI, tpm2.net, and tpm2 to control the scene and chase changes, the main crossfader including the crossfade mode, master brightness, and master strobe remotely over hardware or software-based light desk
  • complete ArtPoll support for Art-Net input and output
  • complete user manual integrated as context-sensitive help
  • autoload show files and auto start scenes/chases and invoke the show mode via command line
  • choose customized controls which can be freely colored or classic windows control as GUI
  • small, fast, and native windows application, doesnโ€™t need any additional runtimes

Changelog Jinx V2.4:

  • implement raindrop/water ripple effect with random colors and audio trigger
  • implement a primary color option for random colors into fading pixels
  • implement random color into expanding shapes and falling rain
  • implement directions for perspective transformation inside scrolling text
  • make text from a file inside scrolling text switchable between the first and last line in a file
  • increase max chars on scrolling text from 254 to 380
  • implement countdown function $COUNT into scrolling text
  • add release/fade time to strobe effect
  • make region preview on matrix switchable with default setting: off
  • only stop corresponding generator on region setting instead of all generators
  • make region buttons switchable and make them stay pressed if the region is active
  • implement flip left/right and flip-top/bottom into the DVI window
  • implement instance tag into GUI options to name a jinx instance in the title bar
  • make color schemes to support background images
  • add additional color schemes
  • change main, scene, and chaser window calculation to correctly place the controls on windows 10
  • synchronize all generators and output processing to avoid interferences between big matrices and slow computers
  • fix image viewer to take care of transparent gifs and png files with alpha channel
  • optimize audio processing
  • redesigned program Icon
  • changed codesign certificate (see special post earlier this day)

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