Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
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Kitchen Cabinet Lighting, Lighting is one of the most crucial parts of the kitchen. It not only helps you see what you’re chopping up or stirring in the pot, but it also defines the distinct style and feels of your kitchen.

While many homes prioritize overhead lighting, you should also consider installing it under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting. This term refers to various light fixtures that are mounted on the underside of cabinets. These lights are useful for illuminating work areas, as decorative accents, or both. We compare numerous types of Kitchen Cabinet Lighting in this detailed overview. We also offer some useful purchasing tips for wholesale led strip lights, outlining the key qualities to look for when searching for the finest under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting.

What Do You Need for Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

  • When utilizing LED light strips for wall lighting, we suggest 3528 CCT Adjustable Strips for recessed lighting, 5730 LED Strips for surface mounted lighting, and Built-in 4-in-1 5050 RGBW Strips for decorative lighting.
  • For each of these strips, you may use anywhere between 60 and 120 LEDs per meter, depending on how bright you want the light to be.
  • The size of the wall will dictate how long the strip is. Connectors for LED light strips can be used to join the strips together as well as to join the strips to a power supply.
  • You may get the wattage required to operate the strips by multiplying the full length of the strip by the watts per meter. For instance, 20 m of 5730 LED light strip will require 20 m 13 w/m = 260 w.
  • You can simply modify the color temperature and brightness of the LED light strips by using controllers.

How To Choose LED Strip Lights For Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting
Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Quality: Flexible LED strip lighting is increasingly being used in modern lighting design all around the world. For kitchen cabinet lighting, architects and lighting designers are increasingly using LED strip lights. Due to the increase in demand, various fake LED strips have been produced in large quantities.

Safety: With its hot surfaces and sharp objects, the kitchen may be dangerous for everyone. From head to toe, there should be adequate lighting to help you stay safe and help avoid accidents. Under your kitchen cabinet, add LED strips that touch the floor. Light not only improves our ability to see but also shields us from dangers that lie in the shadows. We provide lighting options and safety advice because we want you and your family to be safe.

Waterproof: Weatherproof kitchen cabinet lighting is a need. It is important to get weatherproof LED strip lights to prevent water damage to the strips.

Easy Installation: You should research how straightforward it is to install a certain kind of under kitchen cabinet lighting if you want to do any DIY installation. The simplest to assemble are custom LED light ropes and strips. It can be a little more challenging to operate with puck lights.

Brightness: We highly urge you to choose dimmable lights. You would have much greater control over the lights, however, it could cost more for the dimmers. Its ability to conserve energy is one benefit. Everyone can work in the lighting conditions they like thanks to dimmers. You can save power by dimming the light when you don’t need it.

Color Temperature: Choose a cool white LED light fixture if your kitchen is modern or has white cabinetry. Fortunately, 4000K, 4800K, or 5000K color temperatures are available in the majority of common under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas

Below the Cabinet

Run the LED lights down the bottom of any wall cabinets you have in your kitchen, or along with the console table if you have one. Then, alter the color to give the kitchen a unique atmosphere based on your tastes and kitchen décor style.

Above the Cabinet

At the joint where your cabinets and the ceiling meet, install an LED strip light. Changing the hue of the lights may have a significant impact on the ambiance in the kitchen. If it’s permitted, think about balancing the room with lighting effects in the living room.

Floor Light Cabinet

To replicate the lighting in the wall compartments, you may also install LED lights in the floor cabinets. After all of the strips are installed, choose your preferred color or place various lighting effects in various locations. You’ll receive a brand-new, cozy kitchen. It may be changed to be cozy, cheery, or romantic as you choose, which is quite convenient.

How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

The simplest procedures for installing LED lights are as follows:

Step 1: Make the necessary purchases after determining the length and size of the strip lights needed for your kitchen.

The type of LED strip light you need for your kitchen may differ from the type you need for other spaces. First, choose the right LED lights. You should gauge the size of your kitchen before choosing waterproof strips (such as with an IP rating of 65). To suit your particular needs, you may alter the strip’s color and other features.

Step 2: Clean the cabinet’s outside.

Make sure the surface of the cabinets is clean and dry before attaching the LED strip lights.

Step 3: Take the LED strip lights out of their packaging, and then stick them to the cabinet.

The LED strip lights should be taken out of the packing. If the strip is too long, trim it at the crop mark before pulling it off and sticking it to the cabinet.

Step 4: Turn the lights on.

With the LED light kit, a controller and an adapter are supplied. To use it, connect them to the strip and plug it in. If you connect it to the power source in the wrong direction, it won’t work.

What Kind of LED Strip Lights is Best For Kitchen Cabinet


The demand for LED strips is growing significantly. Due to the expansion of color options, brightness levels, and power, 3014 LED strips have become increasingly popular.

Benefits and features:

  • Great Efficiency: 3014 strips provide excellent performance and are ideal for anyone seeking the highest level of effectiveness.
  • Light Quality: 3014 strips guarantee improved colors and consistently give customers the best viewing experience.
  • Uniformity: These strips offer steady illumination perfect for highlighting every detail because of their placement on the long side of the 301 emitter, which has 210 LEDs per mete.


SMD5730 has the following dimensions: 5.7mm, 3.0mm, and 0.9mm. SMD5730 features a 0.5W power rating, a 150MA current rating, and a 3.0-3.4V voltage rating.

Benefits of the SMD5730 include its high brightness (up to 55lM), high color rendering index, uniform color, low attenuation, low energy consumption, extended lifespan, strong antistatic ability, lack of UV, and infrared radiation, and other features.

Numerous indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, such as LED fluorescent lighting, spotlights, panel lights, ceiling lights, LED bulbs, and so on, use this technology.


The chip is referred to as SMD3528 because of its 3.5mm by 2.8mm size.

These lights are perfect for bar backlighting, splashing color on walls, accent lighting for photographs and crown molding, beneath tables and cabinets, and other similar uses.

The most cost-effective LED strips use 3528 LEDs.


The LED chips of the 2835 measure 2.8x 3.5mm.

A new type of LED chip called SMD2835 generates more than twice as much light as standard SMD3528 LED chips. This new generation 2835 LED strip is ideal for applications that need a lot of light output and colorfastness as a consequence.


The term “Chip on BoardCOB light strip simply denotes that the LED die is packed directly on the circuit board (PCB).

Compared to its predecessors, the COB LED strip produces more light at higher intensities. By improving light dispersion, COB technology eliminates the dark and sparkling areas caused by narrow beam fittings.


Whether you’re looking for lighting to make cooking easier, want to add eye-catching lighting to your bathroom, or want to make a space more welcoming, there are plenty of options available. The most important thing is to choose a lighting solution that works for you because every type of light has a unique set of benefits.

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