LED Edit 2014 SWF file not Support and Flash Player Issue Solution
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Flash Player Error Class not Registered on LED Edit 2014 – LED Edit 2014 SWF File Not Support and Flash Player Issue Solution

if you are using led edit 2014 then you know about this error shown in this picture. this is because adobe flash player started blocking SWF file not support content after 12 January 2021.

we can solve this problem smartly. we have to tell our computer today is not 12 January. it means we have to change the date of the computer before 12 January 2021.

Why SWF player not support in led edit 2014 software and Flash Player Issue Solution

The second option is to use to file instead of SWF files and use AVI files it works perfectly without date change.

Unhandled Error for LED Edit 2014

I am using Windows 7 and I’ve successfully installed LED Edit 2014, but I can’t work with this software. Because I click on a new project and this error appears: “Unhandled exception has occurred in LED Edit 2014. Class not registered“. How to solve this problem?

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