How to Replace Neon Lights With LED Neon Rope Lights?
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Neon lights are one of the most popular lighting fixture styles. Neon lights are bright, colorful, and cheerful, and may be used in signage, commercial advertising, artworks, and other applications. Glass tube neon lights were traditionally used for all lighting purposes, however, new technology has recently joined the market. In this article, we will look at how glass neon tube lights can break and why switching to LED neon rope lights is a better solution. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Do Neon Lights Malfunction?

Neon glass lights are naturally delicate; you must safeguard the glass tube and ensure that the neon gas within does not spill.

Traditional neon lights may provide that distinctive flickering glow, but they aren’t the easiest to install or maintain.

Though they might fail for a variety of reasons, there are two basic reasons why glass neon light fixtures fail:

1. Power Problems

The first thing you should examine if your neon glass signs are flickering, winking, or entirely turning off is the power source. To function, glass neon lights require a very high voltage. The power supply must be uninterrupted since any variations will cause the neon lights to flicker and go out. If you have a sequence of glass neon lights connected together, each one will require the same amount of electricity to function. A single faulty tube segment might cause all of the lights to go out.

2. Structural Problems

Another cause of neon light fixture failure is when the structural integrity of the fixture is damaged. Internal and external problems are also included. A break in the glass tube, for example, might cause the neon light to stop operating. The gas itself might leak, get exhausted, or become contaminated, leading the neon light fixture to fail. An issue with the electrodes inserted at each end of the tube is also possible.

Neon Light Repair

You’ve probably seen neon signs when a portion of the sign is dark or flashing. You avoid such a tragedy, please sure to complete the following corrective procedures:

1. Check the Power Circuit

When you see flickering neon lights, first check the power circuits to ensure your light fixture is receiving adequate voltage to function. Check the voltage in all electrical places using instruments such as a multimeter. Next, ensure sure there are no damaged or shorted cables. A shorted cable can sometimes cause certain glass neon tubes in your area to cease operating, which impacts how the other lights perform as well. Replace any damaged wires to complete the circuit and ensure continuous lighting.

2. Repair or Replace the Glass Tube

Power failures are easier to cope with than structural failures in neon glass tubes. This is due to two factors. The first is the delicate nature of the tube’s construction. Even a little break in the glass tube might leave the neon light inoperable if not fixed. In most circumstances, you’ll need to isolate the broken or cracked area of the fixture, seal it with a vacuum, and then heat the glass until it melts and bridges the crack.

The second reason is that mercury is present in the majority of glass neon light fixtures. In reality, only true glass neon lights (those that emit red light) are mercury-free. Other neon lights contain argon, helium, mercury, phosphor, and other gases.

Heated mercury may emit extremely toxic vapors and is a deadly component of any type of illumination. So, if you’re using a mercury tube, it’s best to simply replace the neon glass tube with a new one or get expert assistance in fixing it.

Reasons to Replace Neon Lights With LED Neon Rope Lights

As you can see, maintaining conventional neon glass lights is really difficult. Glass neon light fixtures are still mostly a small enterprise. Each glass lighting fixture must be handcrafted with great care, which raises the price of these lights. Replacing them is both costly and inconvenient.

More Efficient

They consume a fraction of the voltage necessary to power glass neon lights and can run for much longer without breaking down.

To put it another way, LED strip lights to use less power to provide the same quantity of light. This allows you to save money that you can then use to pay your other payments. As a result, LEDs are increasingly being employed in energy-intensive industries, such as factories equipped with Sara robots and machine tending robots.

Easy to Install

LED neon rope light strips are very bendable, adjustable, and simple to install. All you need are some LED light strip mounting clips to get started.

Less Expensive

They are more affordable than glass neon lights and you have more variety of products, sizes, colors, and shapes to choose from.

Easy to Repair and Maintain

LED Neon rope lights are a one-time lighting solution. They require little to no maintenance, and if they do fail, you can just remove a section of the LED strip and replace it with a new one.


LED Neon rope lights have a low carbon footprint since they do not release heat like older light sources. They also don’t contain any mercury or other dangerous gases, so you may handle them with ease.

How to Install LED Neon Lights

LED neon lights are quite simple to install, and even bigger projects need not require expert assistance. They are safe to handle and may be manipulated in any way you like.

Elstar Flexible LED Neon rope lights, for example, have a minimum bending diameter of 3 cm, are just 6 mm thick, and can be simply cut every 6 LEDs or 50 mm. They also contain dual-color silicone extrusion, allowing you to be quite creative with your lighting project.

Still, need to know more about how to install LED neon rope lights? Here is a video that shows you how easy it is to create art with LED neon rope lights.


The neon lights of the future are LED neon rope lights. Browse our catalog to locate the best-LED neon rope tape lights for your project and get in on the trend. We also make high-quality LED strip lights like 5050 and RGB. If you need assistance determining which LED Neon rope light is best for you, please contact us or leave a comment below. We’ll take care of you.

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