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About LED Strip Lights:

【☀ Excellent Ambience Light】 Superior RGB 5050 LED brings 16 Million colors. The 44-key IR remote controller comes with 20 preset colors, 6 DIY color options, and 8 dynamic function keys. Select or define the color you like. Great gift for your family and friends. Best to decorate bedroom, ceiling, stairs, kitchen, cabinet, desk, and living room, especially great for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Party, etc. [Non-Waterproof]

【☀ 50ft LONG Strip】 2 rolls of 25ft led strip lights are long enough to reach around one room and light it up. The cuttable and linkable design allows you to adjust the length of the strip as you like. You can cut the strip along the cutting mark to get the desired length. And later you can link them again with a specific 4-pin connector. (4-pin led strip connectors NOT included. You can buy some if needed)

【☀ Dimmable Lighting】 With adjustable 8-level brightness, the lights can be turned bright or soft, just as you like. Superior 5050 LEDs have a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Lights work on 12V safe voltage, you can touch the lights without danger. However, you should avoid short circuits by metal, liquid, and so on.

【☀ Set Up in minutes】 Very Simple installation. Just connect the parts and install them to where you want. The upgraded self-adhesive tape makes it easy to stick on a clean, dry surface. Just follow the instructions on the manual and you can finish in minutes. We recommend you test the lights before installation. Note that it’s NOT waterproof and is designed for indoor use only.

【☀ 100% Satisfaction Service and Warranty Our professional and warm service team is ready to provide 100% Satisfaction Service with 24 hours quick response. TJOY provides a 1-year standard warranty for the products.

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LED Strip Lights Description:

Cuttable and linkable design make sure you get desired length. Note that one driver (one socket of controller box) can support a max of 25ft strip.


Firstly, connect LED Strip Lights, controller, and power adapter.

Step 1: Insert the 4-pin end of the strip into the 4-pin socket of the controller. Note that the arrow mark should align with the 12V mark. If in the wrong direction, LED Strip Lights would not light up.

Step 2: Connect the controller to the power adapter.

Step 3: Plug into a power socket to get a power supply.

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  • When connecting LED Strip Lights to a controller by a 4-pin interface, do align the arrow mark to the 12V mark. lights will not light up in the wrong direction.
  • When connecting two rolls of the strip, please connect them in parallel, not in series. Parallel means one roll to each 4-pin socket of the controller. One socket can drive a 25ft strip. Overload can cause degraded performance and a much shorter lifespan.
  • Use the power adapter in the package only. Other power adapters may be not compatible.
  • Don’t forget to pull out the plastic pad before using a remote control. You can insert the plastic pad back into the remote after using it to extend battery life. Change the new battery when the remote doesn’t work anymore.
  • Clean the surface before attaching the strip to it. Make sure the surface is smooth & clean & dry to avoid falling off after a period of time.
  • Some preset colors may be different from what you expect. Please use DIY keys to get exactly the color you want.

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