Light Studio Terminal
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Light Studio Terminal is designed to convert video animations into offline content, for playback via smart pixels. As a result of the conversion, we get one or a group of executable files with the *.led extension. You have 256 ports available, every 2048 pixels maximum. A pixel trace has an arbitrary trajectory: Line, matrix, triangle, zigzag, square, freehand outline, and more. This software is not tied to any type of LED IC chip. For specific IC chip support, please refer to the iqLED (RF) controller specifications.

Light Studio Terminal 1. xx software prepares content for playback on the following devices:

  • iqLED POI F4 classic Mode; (Products of 2021)
  • iqLED RS, iqLED RF 1.4, iqLED RF x8S; (Products of 2019)
  • iqLED RF v1.1,iqLED RF 1.2(MOD); (Products of 2018)
  • Led Master mini RF 5.2, Led Master mini RF 5.4, Led Master mini RF 6.1; (Products of 2017)
  • Led Master mini v3, Led Master mini RF v4; (Products of 2017)
  • Led Master mini v2; (Products of 2016)

Demonstration of the result of the animation conversion in the Light Studio Terminal software.

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