Pixblasters Video LED Controller
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Huge, gleaming, stunning video displays with thousands of LEDs have traditionally been beyond of reach of hobbyists and small company owners due to their exorbitant cost and complexity. All of that changes with Pixblasters Video LED Controller.

Pixblasters Video LED Controller allows DIY enthusiasts and signage professionals, even those with less technical knowledge, to transform a collection of addressable RGB LED strips into massive video LED displays. This FPGA-based LED controller provides new levels of professional-grade digital signage that ordinary LED modules cannot match. LED strips may be curled and adhered to various surfaces to create massive but cost-effective video installations that span whole buildings.

Pixblasters Video LED Controller – Affordable Digital Signage for Everyone

Pixblasters Video LED Controller Features

Easy to use with any computer, any OS:

No programming is required to connect Pixblasters to any computer as an ordinary external display. It works with Raspberry Pi, PCs, media boxes, phones, and other devices. Simply connect the monitor connected to the controller, and the LEDs will be smoothly driven at a maximum frame rate of 60 frames per second.

Straightforward display content and management:

Anything that appears on the monitor display in the designated area appears on the LEDs as well. There’s no requirement for anti-aliasing or font software. Add layered screen divisions, text, animations, video, RSS… to any digital signage program. Regardless of the number of LEDs and linked MS1 controllers, or the display size, LEDs operate at full speed and are flawlessly synced.

Display size and resolution:

A single MS1 can operate an LED show of hundreds of square meters utilizing thirty to sixty LED strips, while daisy-chained MS1s can manage an LED display of 4.7/17.7 m2 (50.6/190.5 ft2). HD LED displays can be supported by daisy-chained controllers that drive a total of 16,384 LEDs.

Remote controllable and customizable:

Through the network ports of the driving computer, you may control it from anywhere on the globe. Don’t be concerned about the LED display’s structure. Custom software for a computer monitor can be developed by users with unique display applications (such as large, real-time schedules and scoreboards).

Open-source FPGA demo:

Experiment with and learn about driving RGB LEDs using the hardware platform. Note that the open-source FPGA sample design only supports a portion of the Pixblasters MS1 LED controller’s features.

Display Video from Any Computer

The Pixblasters video LED controller connects to any computer and runs any operating system (just like a regular monitor) to show a piece of the monitor image on up to 16,384 LEDs at 60 frames per second (FPS). Multiple Pixblasters Video LED Controller connected in a daisy-chain can power high-resolution LED displays with hundreds of thousands of flawlessly synchronized LEDs that can show any visual material with no scripting. The driver’s computer is free to run digital signage players, media players, and other video software at full speed thanks to the controller. The LED displays controlled by Pixblasters Video LED Controller may be handled remotely from anywhere in the globe using the digital signage software of your choice.

Flexible Enough for DIYers, Powerful Enough for Professionals

Pixblasters Video LED Controller is versatile enough to meet the needs of both DIYers and developers, as well as experienced professionals looking to expand their signs company to a national or worldwide level.

Using the Pixblasters controller, it’s finally feasible to create professional-looking LED displays with addressable LED strips, without the size, graphics and video content, display management, storage capacity, or other limitations that traditional LED controllers impose.

For DIY Makers

With no programming, soldering, or more than a simple screwdriver, Pixblasters video LED controller allows you to handle any LED signage project in a cost-effective and versatile manner.

The options are unlimited; here is a handful we came up with to get you started:

  • Build a scoreboard for your school gym
  • For musicians – incorporate a bold light feature into your stage set
  • Holiday home decorations – elevate and customize!
  • Artistic light installations or exhibitions
  • Entrepreneurs showing off a new idea or project

For Signage Professionals

By introducing Pixblasters Video LED Controller into their existing production cycle, small signage companies that create non-illuminated signs may increase their portfolio and offers. Any sign may be elevated to the next level and made more memorable by including video LEDs.

Pixblasters Video LED Controller can easily be installed (with minor modifications) into existing lit sign housings. The installed video signs may be operated remotely, giving businesses more control over the digital material they show their consumers and the ability to make changes fast. Your professional signage will be upgraded and improved by utilizing the specific LED strip’s characteristics to deploy very big and highly cost-effective display installations.

For Developers

Pixblasters Video LED Controller is simple to use and allows for hardware and software agnostic programming, but it’s not only for enthusiasts. It also includes an open-source sample FPGA architecture and board schematics for future RGB LED experimentation. The open-source FPGA Demo Design only supports a portion of the Pixblasters controller’s functionalities.

Pixblasters Video LED Controller Board Layout

Pixblasters Video LED Controller transform LED strips
Labeled board
A. Master video inH. Microcontroller port
B. Slave video inI. Slave control out
C. Slave control inJ. Slave video out
D. LED digital outK. USB serial port
E. LED line driver (2x)L. Microcontroller
F. Xilinx FPGAM. Power switch
G. JTAG conn.N. Power in – screw terminals

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