Pixel LED Animator - Create Pixel LED Effects for Led Edit 2014 - 2021
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Pixel Led Animator allows you to easily create video effects and animation for LedEdit Software and other applications. Works with all Pixel LED software that accepts.GIF video files as input and creates Pixel Led Effects for LED Edit Software.

You can use our software to create animations for LED Edit, LED bar effects, linear animations, EMOJI animations, and more!

Our software is compatible with all versions of Led Edit, from LED Edit 2014 to LED Edit 2021. You can generate an unlimited number of effects and expand your LED Edit Effects library.

Pixel LED Animator Features:

Color Animations:

Create colorful animations and led effects in a variety of formats for led panels, strips, and more! Choose from a variety of animation styles.

Image Animation:

Image Animation Pictures that move! Choose from the program’s library of 2000 images or use your own image or logo.

Text Animation:

Animated text works great on led panels for easy communication with customers! Font, size, color, background color, and animation. 

led edit 2014 t1000s

Get Pixel LED Animator Right Now!

Purchase your license today and start creating effects for LED Edit 2014, LED Edit 2021, and other LED Software that accepts video file input!

You can make an infinite number of effects! Choose from over 2500 emoji, standard effects, algorithms, transitions, led stripe effects, and much more!

How do I use Pixel LED Animator?

Learn more about Pixel Led Animator’s features and How to use it in this video! We’ll show you how to make Led Effects and import them into Led Edit in this tutorial!

How to install Pixel LED Animator?

  1. Download the ZIP bundle and extract the two files to your Desktop after acquiring a license.
  2. Install the drivers that are required for the software to function properly.
  3. Extract the files to your desktop, which will give us all the permissions we need.
  4. Install Animator.
  5. A shortcut to Animator will appear on your Desktop after installation!
  6. Open the software and input your email address as well as the activation code.

That’s all there is to it; have fun with ledpixeltm!

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