Pixel LED Best Diwali Decoration 50X40 Pixel LED Controller Full Setup
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In this article, I am going to talk about How to Make Pixel LED Best Diwali Decoration?.

Today I am going to talk to you about 50X50 Controller. How can you operate 50X50 Controller? I am going to tell you how you can do Pixel LED Decoration with the help of this controller. Along with this, I am also going to talk to you about its complete wiring.

Pixel LED Best Diwali Decoration:

Diwali Decoration का Best Idea pixel led lights pixel led controller setup

In this way, you have to grip all the bulbs. In this project, you are going to need two power supplies of 5V, and 60A. In this, if you want, you can also use the T1000s led Controller by becoming a program of 50X40. After you, I am going to need three wires. Together you are going to need a 50X50 Controller.

Along with this, you will also need three wires. There is a positive second negative and third data wire. A total of 40 Jalar is going to be needed in this project. You have to first put all the LEDs on the Grip.

Pixel LED Best Diwali Decoration in 2022

You have to take three wires first. You have to cut it from the middle of May. Something like this you can see in the photo below.

Diwali Decoration Light

By doing this you have to cut the wire from the middle 40 times. After that I want you to put the socket. In the socket, you have to put Positive Wire with Positive, Negative Wire with Negative. And the wire of the data has to be connected with the data.

You have to put the socket in something like this. You are in the photo below.

Buy Diwali lights LED Pixel String Light

After installing the socket, I have to put a Tap on it. By doing this I have installed 40 sockets.

In this way, I have installed Male Sockets. This is a complete parallel setup. So, friends, you have to put all the sockets in something like this.

After that, you have to put Pixel LED in it as well.

Pixel LED Best Diwali Decoration Wiring:

You have to buy the controller first.

The positive and negative wires of the controller must be inserted with the power supply, all you have to do is just do the connection of these wires. Then you can run it.

If you do not understand anything then you can comment. thank you

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