Pixel LED Controller Circuit Board
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Hello and welcome to this post, in which I will show you how to create a Pixel LED Controller Circuit for a minimal cost at home. Read this thread if you want to create a Pixel LED controller circuit but don’t know how to do it.

You will find knowledge on electronics as well as project ideas on this website. If you are interested in learning about electronics, this website will be beneficial.

I’ve broken out how to create pixel LED controller circuits at home in detail in the block below.

Components Required to Make LED Controller Circuit Board

  2. Male Header Pins 3Nos
  3. Push Button 1Nos
  4. 8pin IC Base
  5. ATtiny85 IC

Make LED Controller Circuit

First Step

Place all of the components on the VERO PCB that I mentioned in the previous block. I’ve included a photo of the components that have been placed into the VERO PCB. Simply scroll down to see that image.

Home Made Pixel LED Controller Circuit
Home-Made Pixel LED Controller

Second Step

In the second step, solder all of the component’s legs to the layer below. I’ve included the soldered circuit in the block below for your convenience. Observe and implement the same strategy in your project.

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Pixel led controller circuit

Third Step

Now you must connect the components according to the circuit schematic in the prior step. I’ve included two photos, one of which has the circuit schematic for the LED Controller circuit. In another image, you can see what the LED controller Circuit looks like once all the components have been connected.

Circuit diagram of Pixel LED Controller
Circuit diagram of LED Controller
Pixel led controller circuit connection
Pixel LED Controller Circuit Connection

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Fourth Step

Now you must use the Arduino Uno board to upload the Pixel LED Controlling code to the ATtiny85 IC. I’ve shown you how to upload code to an ATtiny85 IC, and you’ll find the Pixel LED controller Arduino code below. Simply copy the code below and paste it into your Attiny85 IC.

Before uploading, the below code on ATtiny85 IC you have to install two library files one is FasrLED and the other Onel is Adafruit Neopixel

Before uploading, make sure you have the ATtiny85 IC code. Two library files must be installed: one is FasrLED and the other is Adafruit Neopixel.

Download LED Controller Circuit Arduino Code

Fifth Step

Remove the ATtiny IC from the ATtiny IC Shield and replace it with an ATtiny85 IC in the LED controller circuit’s 8Pin IC base, according to the IC number. Before putting the ATtiny IC into the IC base, make sure the IC PIN is correct. In the below block, I’ve included a picture of an ATtiny IC being inserted.

ATtiny85 IC insert into the Pixel LED Controller

Final Step

LED controller circuit must now be connected to the Pixel LED and the power source. I’ve taught you how to link the pixelled and the power supply with this pixel LED controller circuit in the figure below.

ATtiny85 ic

With this Homemade Pixel LED Controller Circuit, you can now control your Pixel LED. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns regarding this Pixel LED Controller Circuit. I’ll get back to you within two days.

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