Pixel LED Parallel Controller 20X50
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In this article, we are going to talk about Pixel LED Parallel Controller 20X50. You are going to understand everything about Parallel Controller.

How do you use Pixel LED Parallel Controller and how to do its wiring? So to know everything, read this article of mine completely.

Our Parallel Controller gets to see something like this.

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Pixel LED Parallel Controller 20X50 Full Detail

There is no need to do neither S Type nor Z Type Wiring in this Controller, it is Parallel. Now Parallel means to understand that only one WIR will be done. If you want to run the bis network, then you have to give DATA to the bis WIR separately in the controller.

You have an advantage in this. That even if there is a mesh bond in the middle, then your effect will not be damaged. The problem with S-Type wiring is that if you have a tie in the middle, then the data will not be sent further and because of this, your whole system will be tied up.

You will get to see 20 points in the controller, in front of which the point number is written. With the help of this, you will not have any problem with the wiring, so now we talk about wiring, you have to do some wiring like this.

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Pixel LED Parallel Controller 20X50 Wiring

In wiring, you have to keep in mind that the socket in which you have done wiring has to be done in the same number point in the controller. And the two points in the middle which are showing you black are to give power. You can see how we have done the wiring of the Pixel LED Parallel Controller.

You can run four or five floors or more which means 50 or even 100 water, a pin has been given in front of the power supply socket, which is written 50 or 100, if you want to run 50 water, then the pin has to be put 50. If 100 water is to be sieved, then pin 100 has to be inserted.

We have just used Bis Jalar just to tell you. And to run it, we have used a 60A power supply, which you can see in the photo below.

With the help of this controller, you can make a great decoration for your house.

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