How To make Pixel led sun with wiring | Step by Step
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In this article, I am going to tell you about Pixel LED sun. And a project we are going to make of Pixel LED. So what things are going to be needed to make a project. Which part do you have to use in making a project?

If you also want to do Pixel Led Sun Decoration, which will get four moons in your Navratri, then read today’s article carefully and completely.

How to Make Pixel LED Sun Decoration Part:

Which part are you going to need first? You’re going to need Polly Shit first. you can see it in the photo below.

Pixel LED Best Navratri Decoration 02

You can see in the photo above that I have something like this Pixel LED Polly Shit, therefore, do well with Decoration If you want to make the kind Design can create, The Polly shit we have used is very nice and flexible.

We have used an iron frame but if you want, you can also use wood or steel. We have used 1 Power Supply of 20 amp, 6 Pixel LED, and 1 led controller.

Pixel LED Sun Decoration Wiring:

Pixel LED Sun Decoration Wiring

You can see in the above photo how we have done the wiring of Pixel LED. You have two such wires +Red -Black. Red wire You have to plug in the red wire on the Pixel LED.

Similarly, a black wire has to be put in black. Now you have to put both the wires in the power supply. The controller has a male socket and the Pixel LED has a female socket. Your decoration will be lit as soon as you connect it.

You can see in the photo below that we have typed the Pixel LED’s wiring S.

Pixel led sun S type

In this way, you can make a very wonderful Pixel LED Sun Decoration which will add to your Navratri, and if you do not understand this post, then you can understand it well by watching the video given below. Thank you.

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