RGB Player Software
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RGB Player Software. The interface is easily used by users for animation creation, text editing, engineering setting and etc. Time control and mobile WiFi control are popular among customers.

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RGB Player Effect Editing:

👉 A key to import multiple formats files like video, flash, and picture. Intelligently convert to the corresponding animation by the software.

👉 Screen capture upgrades on performance, different effects can be displayed on one screen.

👉 Personalized color and different modes help to achieve special and wonderful effects.

Text Editing:

Can display all kinds of text contents; select different fonts, sizes, directions, colors, and backgrounds.

Time Control:

Set display contents optionally according to a specific time, date, week, festival, and holiday on-time control list. Meet different requirements easily.

Project Encryption:

Users can set passwords optionally, it supports 6 times locking and unlocking. The controllable degree of the project will be improved.

Project Settings:

Visualized interface design and simple operation. After the setting is complete, the corresponding player software will be generated instantly.

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