SP501E WiFi LED Controller Works with Amazon Alexa
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SP501E WiFi LED Controller model, the new model adds a 38-key RF remote control, This is LED-WiFi dream color controller is following the traditional with infrared, RF technology controller foundation, it is birth of market and customer's demand, it is one type controller which integration the newest wifi technical in the market, it is one type controller which integration the newest wifi technical in the market.

It makes LED control more convenient and significant. We can install control software on an Android or iOS phone and then use it to control LEDs, which is exactly what every customer wants. It can also be managed directly by the FairyNestAPP or with Amazon Alexa.

Using WiFi technology, we can extend our control range and eliminate space constraints, allowing us to manage more than 16.4 feet in the building and more than 98 feet outside.

SP501E WiFi LED Controller Specification:

  • Product name: SP501E WIFI LED controller
  • Model Number: SP501E
  • Max. Load Power: 1-5W
  • Input Voltage:  DC5V-24V
  • Can Be Control: DC5V/12V/24V Addressable RGB LED Strips
  • Support Pixels: 1024pixels max
  • Support IC: WS2811/WS2801/UCS1903/SM16716/LPD6803/LPD8806/LPD9813 etc
  • Remote distance: 30meters( 98feet)
  • Control mode: APP (iOS or Android)
  • APP name: FairyNest
  • Music Control: Line input
  • Effect: more than 180 dynamic effect
  • Memory: Automatic memory function
  • Speed Control: adjustable
  • Size: L85*W45*H22mm
  • Package size: 110*55*28mm
  • Net weight: 40g

SP501E WIFI LED Controller Operating Instructions:

  1. Long-distance APP remoter control Via WIFI
  2. support  routing mode(AP) and LAN connection mode(STA)
  3. Support almost all kinds of single-line or double lines led driver IC
  4. Brightness disabled, with 180 kinds of patterns and 8 kinds of color adjustable patterns
  5. Creatively using a from-image-to-effect method for a user to DIY any effect.
  6. Support setting pixel number and segments number to 1024 pixels
  7. DC5-24V wide-range voltage input,  reverse input protection
  8. User setting saving

APP SP501E WiFi LED Controller:

FairyNest App for SP501E WiFi LED Controller
FairyNest App for SP501E Controller

1- Scan the QR code (search for FairyNest on Google Play or App Store) to download the FairyNest App. Open the App and Sign up.
2- Connect your phone or tablet to a 2.4G WiFi network. (Does not support 5.0G WiFi network)
3- Power up SP501E WiFi LED Controller (DC5-24V), and connect the controller to the LED strip.
4- Click the “+” button to configure the new SP501E controller:
– Input your WiFi network password.
– Press and hold the button on the controller until the LED flashes in white.
– Please keep your phone, the WiFi router, and the controller closer together to maintain a better signal connection during configuration.
5- After the configuration is completed, the controller will successfully access the Internet.

Connect to Smart Speaker:

1. Sign in to the Alexa App and get your smart speaker ready.
2. Enable skills:
– There is two skill for SP501E WiFi LED Controller: FariyNest and Fairy Light.
– Search FairyNest (FairyLight) on the Alexa App’s Skills page, and click Enable button to enable the skill.
 Go to the FairyNest login page and enter your FairyNest account and password.
– Go to the Authorization page and click the “GRANT” button to grant Alexa permission to control the LED controller.

Voice Control Instructions:

With the FairyNest and FairyLight skills enabled, you can now control your LED with voice orders.

1, Power supply/phone/controller/led strip not include.
2, This phone only support 2.4G WiFi network.Can't support 5.0G WiFi network.
3, This app support Android 4.4 or above, IOS 10.0 or above.

How to Connect the WS2813 WS2815 WS2811 Led Strip Lights?

SP501E WiFi LED Controller
How to connect led strip light


  1. Interior Decoration: Club, bar, corridor, room, hotel, led aquarium lighting, museum, Christmas, holiday, Retail LED lighting, etc.
  2. Exterior Decoration: Plaza, commercial buildings, parks, scenic spots, evening location, Sign illumination LEDs, etc.


  • The supply voltage of this product is 5~24 Volts DC, do not exceed it.
  • Shorting output wires may cause damage to the dimmer.
  • Always observe proper polarity when connecting power and load.
  • For indoor use only – this product is not waterproof or weatherproof.

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