Do you know the advantages of the wall washer?
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wall washer light is a common lighting fixture at night. It is loved by people for its energy-saving, environmental protection, bright colors, long service life, and good visual effects. Especially when the lights are on at night, the wall washer creates colorful visual effects in every corner of the city.

What are the main advantages of the wall washer Light?

First of all, compared with other electric light sources, the wall washer has light and color characteristics, small size, good concealment, multiple combinations, safety, environmental protection, long service life, easy maintenance of the society, and powerful development functions. The design is flexible, so it is most suitable for landscape lighting system applications.

The wall washer adopts a Power, waterproof and breathable valve, which solves the problem of pressure balance and waterproofing between the inside and outside of the lamp. At the same time, the strip radiator is easier to operate. Usually, there are 18W, 24W, 36W, 48W, and other parameters, but the power is not fixed and can be flexibly changed as needed.

Generally, high-power wall washer lights refer to single-row and multi-row linear LED floodlights. In addition, due to heat dissipation problems, use a single 1W wall washer within 1 meter, and no more than 36W, otherwise poor heat dissipation will cause serious light attenuation. Spotlights usually do not have the main light, and there is no fixed proportion of modern style lighting, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere. If you combine a row of small spotlights together, the lights can change wonderful patterns. Since the small spotlight can freely change the angle, the effect of the combined lighting is also constantly changing. Spotlights are soft, elegant, and luxurious, and can also be used for local lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

Second, the outer shell of the wall washer Light will never rust or corrode. It is made of high-tech spraying technology and light alloy materials, and it is designed with strong shock resistance inside and outside, which effectively avoids the strong vibration of the wall washer. Some unexpected situations caused by high-efficiency gas discharge lamps are used as the light source of LED wall washers, and the bulb has a service life of up to 10,000 hours, which is especially suitable for outdoor large-area unattended lighting.

Third, the LED has a low operating supply voltage and low power consumption. It can be driven by DC or pulse current data, is easily matched with management control ICs and optical fiber light guides, and is particularly suitable for solar power sources. Whether it is the combination of single LEDs of different wavelengths or the integrated technology design of RGB three-color chips, color LEDs can be effectively controlled by using a dedicated network-integrated application circuit problem, and supplemented by art lights to emit more than 1,670 product colors.

wall washer light outdoor
wall washer light outdoor

Fourth, although a single LED wall washer and ambient lighting are much smaller than traditional high-power gas discharge lamps, they can also be a three-dimensional arrangement, and a single LED can be combined to form a planar light source and a linear space constant. At present, many manufacturers have developed 40W LEDs that are higher than panel lights, floodlights, underground lights, and wall washers.

They not only have a constant current drive control system but also have advanced performance that can meet the reliability and stability requirements of the radiator. Lamp manufacturers use a computer-aided design of light distribution curve design, it is easy to optimize the optical structure of the good pad so that the divergence of the beam can be focused or directional reflection to meet different lighting scenarios. wall washer light is easy to control and manage, it can be centralized control, decentralized control, or control point. Dimming can be achieved by controlling the current. Different light colors can be adjusted to achieve various combinations of dynamic changes.

wall washer lights are now widely used in various places, such as the wall lighting of company and corporate buildings, the lighting of government buildings, the wall lighting of historical buildings, and entertainment venues. The scale involved is getting wider and wider. In the next few years, wall washer Light will develop into an indispensable part of the lighting project.

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