LED Neon Lights
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Due to its great luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, and excellent reliability, LED neon lights have steadily displaced conventional neon lights since the introduction of LED semiconductor technology. Additionally, a flexible, bendable silicone material has been used in place of the typical cold cathode tube's glass lamp body material. Its application is simpler, more dependable, and has a larger range of use cases.

PVC-based led neon flex was already released on the market. Polyvinyl chloride, sometimes known as PVC, is one of the most widely manufactured plastic materials worldwide. However, when the market proposes increasing standards for goods and uses, the typical flaws of PVC material progressively emerge.

Silicone has so entered the market and offers higher performance. Silica, which has stable chemical characteristics and doesn't burn, makes up the majority of the material. Because of their superior qualities and advanced technology, led silicone neon lights are increasingly replacing PVC neon led strips as the dominant market development strategy.

What is LED Neon light?

Other names for LED neon lighting are Neon LED rope light and Neon LED strip light. It is a decorative lighting item. Waterproof and anti-shatter features are present in this product. With an IP67 waterproof rating, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Its look is meant to make up for the drawbacks of fiber optic and glass neon lighting.

LED Neon Strip Light features a wide light-emitting surface, excellent brightness, and a variety of light colors. It also performs well when sealing. It has a wide variety of applications and may be cut at any scissors opening. To alter the color of the lights, it may also be linked to a led controller.

The led neon lighting is made up of LED strip lights that are concealed inside a flexible silicone neon tube. You have the option of buying a single led neon tube or an entire led neon rope to construct your own led neon light signs.

Compared to an LED strip, the neon sign lights' LED light is softer. The silicone used to make the LED neon tubes are safe for the environment and effectively transmits light. Additionally, the LED neon rope light is quite flexible, allowing you to create a variety of effects with it.

What are LED Neon light strips used for?

LED neon strip lights may be used to beautify and illuminate buildings, steps, booths, bridges, hotels, KTVs, and other locations. They are also extensively employed in the sectors of pattern modeling, advertising signs, winding characters, etc. Led neon silicone material may be utilized in specialized situations such as seashores, yachts, chemical industries, petroleum, mines, laboratories, and more. It can also withstand corrosion from ordinary salt, alkali, and acid.

Neon LED signs may be stored in a temperature range of -50 °C to +150 °C while retaining their usual soft condition, which prevents aging, embrittlement, distortion, and softness. Additionally, it can function correctly in temperatures ranging from –20 to +45 °C and is resistant to both extreme cold and intense heat.

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Are LED Neon Lights Good?

High light transmittance, no light spot, and uniform luminescence

You may stare directly at the light-emitting surface without glare since neon LED signs emit homogeneous led lights without LED spots. It offers a superior aesthetically to waterproof led strip lights and a larger range of applications. Additionally, the installation is easier and the protection performance is superior when compared to the smaller profile linear light.

The neon sign light has a light transmittance of up to 90%, which can provide a lot of light not just for decoration but also for indoor and outdoor illumination.

Strong flexibility, durable and long life

The neon lights sign is flexible and has a solid construction. Solid silicone is employed. Molds that can be bent and are suited for varied forms allow for customization of the internal structure and outward shape. strong toughness, not easily damaged or distorted, and resistance to tearing and tugging.

Pay attention to the following bending techniques while bending led neon lights. The orientation of the led strip determines the direction in which the led neon rope bends. The top-emitting led light strip utilizes the side-emitting neon led tube to create the side-emitting led neon rope, and the led neon tube light can alter the luminous mode of the led strip.

how to bend led neon lights

Good heat dissipation, environmental protection

The silicone material's excellent thermal conductivity contributes to the excellent heat dissipation performance of led neon lighting tubes. The materials used in led neon strips are safe for the environment and non-toxic. Silicone also has a high ignition point and is not flammable, making it safer. Additionally, there is no irritating or poisonous gas volatilization.


In addition to achieving single white light, multi-color led light, color chasing, and other useful light effects, flex led neon lights may replace other led light strips. It can take the place of conventional neon tubes for illuminating signs, structures, and outdoor areas. Silicone neon tubes are available in square and circular sizes, and they are appropriate for all types of LED strip lights, including those that are RGB color-changing or have a single hue.

How to Choose LED Neon Lights?

The choices for silicone flexible led neon lights are numerous. When purchasing a neon flex led strip, it's important to take into account its color and color temperature, length, breadth, density, level of waterproofing, voltage, and other aspects.

How can I combine these several elements to pick a good led neon light? We'll talk about the many neons LED light strip varieties. I hope this grouping helps clear up any confusion for you.

Led neon strip lights may be classified as single color led neon, RGB led neon flex, RGBW led neon rope light, RGBCCT neon led strip, addressable RGB neon led strip light, and addressable RGBW led neon rope depending on the variation in LED color.

Led neon flex rope lights to come in a variety of colors and color temperatures, including 2300K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, and 7000K, as well as yellow, golden yellow, green, blue, ice blue, red, pink, and amber. Just as you choose what to wear today, you may select the hue and color temperatures based on your preferences.

Are LED Neon Signs using DC or AC?

People frequently cite the safety of LED strip lighting, which indicates that its operating voltage is low. There are neon led strips that are 5V, 12V, and 24V. The high voltage led neon light strips will be released to guarantee that the color, color temperature, and brightness of the led neon rope remain the same while running over a long distance.

Choose a right silicone LED Neon Tube Light

Different lighting techniques are needed for various installation situations. Flexible led neon lighting comes in top-emitting and side-emitting varieties. With side-emitting, you may pick an appropriate direction and outdoor setting, and the light has clear directionality, which helps create shadows. The top-emitting light is from top to bottom, the brightness is high, the color of the light is natural, and the impact is positive.

The ability to adjust the light's angle is another benefit of LED neon lights. The neon tube's interior design dictates the amount of light-emitting angle it possesses. Additionally, there are four light-emitting angles available: 120°, 180°, 270°, and 360°.

We provide a variety of lengths and widths for you to select from. Choose the appropriate length and width for your project.

Pay attention to the width when buying an LED neon tube to build an LED neon light. There are possibilities for the led neon tube light's width between 3mm and 30mm. Make a careful distinction between the neon tube's width and the led strip PCB board's width.

Typically, the neon tube's width is a few millimeters more than the PCB board's width. To wear an 8mm or 10mm led neon tube with an 8mm or 10mm led strip light, you must not use a 3mm or 6mm neon tube. There is usually a neon silicone tube that fits the led light strip you have.

LED Neon Lights FAQ

LED Neon VS Traditional Neon Light?

A sealed glass tube with electrodes on each end and a rare gas within make up a classic neon light. When an electrode receives a voltage of several thousand volts, the gas inside the ionization tube causes it to emit light.

The gas in the tube determines the color of the light; using different gases will result in different hues. In many ways, including brightness, adaptability, function, etc., the led neon light is more dependable and practical than the classic neon light.

What is the difference between LED and Neon Lights?

Led neon light may be more waterproof than a led strip and shields the led strip light from outside forces. The light from the LED neon rope light is more even and has no bright spots. The program is considerably more extensive and may be implemented in a variety of designs.

LED Neon Tube VS LED Aluminum Profiles?

Led neon tubes and aluminum led channels may both be used to shield led strip lights. However, the aluminum channel is less flexible than the led neon tube light, and the latter's designs are less adaptable.

Can you Cut LED Neon Rope Light?

LED neon lights can be cut and reconnected without assistance. On the side of the LED neon tube, there is a transparent line. The cutting line is visible on the back of the LED light strip, and you may use it to determine where to make your cut.

To cut the LED neon light, locate the cut line and use a pair of sharp scissors or other equipment. Once the led neon rope light has been cut, the incisions should be covered with an end cap, which should then be glued with silica gel or another adhesive and allowed to air dry before being used. A heat shrink tube can be worn as well to boost the level of protection.

Are LED Neon lights waterproof?

LED Neon lights are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and are waterproof up to IP67.

Is LED Neon Flex dimmable?

The led light controller can regulate neon sign lights. It may change colors to provide different light effects in addition to adjusting the brightness of the LED neon lights.

Do Led Neon lights take a lot of electricity?

In comparison to glass neon lights, LED neon lights have a low heat output and may save more than 70% on electricity.

Do LED Lights use Neon?

To address the issue of insufficient flexibility of LED strip lights, LED lights employ neon silicone tubes. As a result, the luminous effect is softer and there is no LED light spot. maybe utilized both inside and outside. The light-emitting angle and top- or side-emitting options are available. The visual impact of the installation is greater.

Are LED Neon Lights bad for your eyes?

Directly staring at an LED light source can occasionally be uncomfortable for the eyes, especially if the color temperature is high. This discomfort is lessened and the led light is made softer by the neon led strip.

Can LED Neon Lights get sun damaged?

Since LED neon lights are UV resistant, they won't deteriorate or turn yellow even after spending more than five years in the sun.

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