WS2811 LED Pixel Light Module IP68 Waterproof - BUY NOW
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About WS2811 LED Pixel:

  • Full 24-bit color display with 256 brightness. Each LED may be customized in terms of color and brightness. Each LED may be independently controlled and customized to any hue or motion.
  • It may be compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi T1000S K1000C and other microcontrollers. Pre-programmed controllers, such as SP501E Bluetooth controllers, SP108E wifi controllers, and SP106E SP107E music controllers, can also be used to control it.
  • Both ends have three-pin JST-SM connections. Without soldering, you may connect the pixel threads one by one. Each pixel may be removed without affecting the remaining pixels.
  • Waterproof to IP68. Every LED pixel is wrapped in weatherproof silicone, which protects it effectively and makes it easy to clean. They may be used outside or even underwater.
  • Applied to the hotel, KTV, bars, and commercial street environment lighting, and widely used to manufacture led screen, led wall, advertising board, and outdoor advertising signs.

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WS2811 LED Pixel Description:


  • Model: WS2811 LED pixel
  • light source: F8RGB*1
  • IC Model: WS2811 IC
  • Quantity: 50 LEDs / set
  • LED Shape: Round
  • Color: full color, 24-bit
  • Gray level: 256
  • Length: 11.5ft (3.5m) per set
  • Size: Please refer to the picture
  • The standard operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: 0.3W/LED (15W/Set)
  • Waterproof: IP68 waterproof
  • Connection: Red: +5V; White: DATA; Blue: GND

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Kindly Note:

  1. It does not come with a power supply or a controller. To utilize them, you’ll need a controller like an Arduino.
  2. The LED string’s working voltage must be 5V DC. It will be burned out otherwise.
  3. An additional power supply is required if you want to connect more than one string.
  4. The direction of the data flow is indicated by little arrows on the circuit board. This will allow you to double-check the input and output ends.

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50pcs WS2811 LED Pixel to light.

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